Friday, September 18, 2015

Team Ideas: Delayed AOE Ultimates + Setup Heroes

These ideas started with Warlock's Upheaval skill - a massive slowing AOE, designed to hold enemies in place so that other, delayed AOE abilities could hammer them.

Setup Heroes:
Dark Seer

Damage Heroes:

-        Disruptor (Static Storm)

-        Gyrocopter (Call Down)

-        Elder Titan (Earthsplitter)

-        Enigma (Midnight Pulse)

-        Crystal Maiden (ult also slows)

-        Witch Doctor (Death Ward)

-        Jakiro (Macropyre)

-        Death Prophet

-        Sand King (Epicenter)

-        Kunkka (Ghost Ship)

-        Keeper of the Light (Illuminate)

-        Phoenix (Supernova)

-        Shadow Shaman (Serpent Wards)

-        Tinker (March of the Machines)

-        Weaver (Swarm)

Slow & Kill Team Idea:
Witch Doctor/KotL/Veno + CM/Jakiro + Phoenix/ET (offlane) + Warlock (mid) + Gyro (carry)

(Multiple large ults w/slowing in AOE)

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