Thursday, June 5, 2014

List of Physical Damage Spells & Heroes

List of Physical Damage Spells by Hero

The following heroes have abilities ("spells") that do physical damage, instead of the normally-expected magic damage:

Dazzle:  Poison/Wave do physical dmg; Weave ult for armor reduction
Alchemist – Concoction = physical, Acid Spray = armor reduction
Witch Doctor Death Ward = physical
Slardar – Bash & Crush are both physical
Death Prophet – Exorcism ultimate
Juggernaut – Omni slash ultimate (auto-attack slashes are physical)
Axe - Counter Helix
Bristleback - Quill Spray
Elder Titan - Echo Stomp (self only, Spirit damage is magical),
Elder Titan - Earthsplitter (half physical)
Gyrocopter - Flak Cannon (in effect, AOE physical damage)
Medusa - Split Shot (in effect, AOE physical damage)
Luna - Glaives (in effect, AOE physical damage)
Leshrac - Edict (now does Physical damage)
Beastmaster - Wild Axes (now do Physical damage)

Summoned Units

Undying - Tombstone (Zombies)
Shadow Shaman - Serpent Wards
Venomancer - Plague Wards
Enigma - Eidolons
Nature's Prophet - Treants
Beastmaster - Boar
Lycan - Wolves
Chen - dominated creeps mostly do physical damage + abilities

Composite Damage (has been removed as of patch 6.82)

Leshrac Edict - was composite damage (now physical)
Beastmaster Axes - was composite damage (now physical)

Physical Damage Boosters:

Beastmaster - Inner Beast:  aura boosts attack speed
Doom - with Alpha Wolf Devoured
Drow - Precision aura (active & passive) boosts physical damage
Elder Titan - aura decreases base armor
Lycan Howl - adds fixed attack damageLuna aura - adds fixed attack damage
Magnus - Empower buff adds % base damage
Medusa Stone Gaze (ult) - boosts physical damage taken
Ogre Magi - Bloodlust boosts attack speed
Shadow Fiend - aura decreases armor
Troll Warlord Ultimate - high attack speed increase
Vengeful Spirit aura – boosts physical base dmg by %
(Item) Desolator - decreases armor on hit(Item) Medallion - active decreases armor of target and caster
(Item) Drums - increases attack speed

Physical Damage Team Example:

Alchemist (AC) + Venge (w/Medallion)
Jugg/Slardar (Vlad’s) + Dazzle (Drums)
Death Prophet (mid, get Mek, Bloodstone, Pipe?)
Items should include:  Medallion, Vlad’s, AC, Drums, Desolator
Important to ban:  Omniknight (his ult will make your team useless)

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