Thursday, October 16, 2014

List of Pure-Damage Heroes by Role

The following heroes have one or more abilities that deals Pure damage, or deal pure damage with an Agh's upgrade.

Also shown on dota2pedia in a different format.

Pure Damage Dealers by Role (ability)


  • Outworld Destroyer (Arcane Orb)
  • Phantom Assassin (Stifling Dagger)
  • Spectre (Desolate)

Semi-Carries & Mids

  • Silencer (Glaives)
  • Invoker (EMP, Sunstrike)
  • Lina (Agh's + Laguna Blade)
  • Bloodseeker (Rupture)
  • Phoenix (SunRay)
  • Pudge (Meat Hook)
  • Templar Assassin (Psi-Blades)
  • Tinker (Laser)


  • Lina (Agh's + Laguna Blade)
  • Bane (Nightmare, Brain Sap)
  • Omniknight (Purification)
  • Phoenix (Sunray)
  • Silencer (Glaives)
  • Vengeful Spirit (Wave of Terror)


  • Doom (Doom)
  • Enigma (Midnight Pulse, Aghs + Black Hole)


  • Enchantress (Impetus)
  • Doom (Doom)
  • Enigma (Midnight Pulse, Aghs + Black Hole)

Solo Offlaners:

  • Timbersaw (Whirling Death*, Timberchain, Chakram)
  • Nyx Assassin (Spiked Carapace)
  • Doom (Doom)

ITEMS that deal pure damage:

  • Urn of Shadows (on enemy)
  • Blademail (Damage return)

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