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Strong Dual-Lane Combinations

From various sources around the web, I've gathered some reputedly strong laning combinations.  I haven't tried all of them myself.  I'll try to sort these over time.

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Good Lane Pairs (Farming hero first):

Alchemist + Ancient Apparition (dual stuns, AA pick denies Ice Blast to opponents)

Axe + Abaddon (Call + Shield is quite good).
Axe + Bane (Enfeeble so can’t kill anything, then Hunger)
Axe + Dark Seer for vs-melee pwnage (Ion Shell), Vac into multi-target Call.  Also can creep-skip.
Axe + Disruptor (Battle Hunger + Thunder Strike, Taunt + Kinetic Field)
Axe + Drow (hell for melee carries - Battle Hunger + Frost arrows = hard to escape, too)
Axe + Huskar / Clinkz / Drow / OD / Silencer (anyone with an orb attack)
Axe + Invoker (cold snap + battle hunger)
Axe + Jakiro (Call + Macropyre is especially nasty)
Axe + Omni (Axe likes healing.  Omni likes keeping nasty melee allies alive)
Axe + Phoenix (Call allows for easy Spirit hits, and Call useful to protect Egg)
Axe + Silencer (Curse and Hunger are annoying)
Axe + Skywrath (Battle Hunger + Arcane Bolt spam is very annoying.  Add a CM to the team for more annoyance).
Axe + Tiny (throw Axe, Taunt+Spin, Avalanche)
Axe + Venomancer/Necrolyte/Warlock/Dazzle/KotL (early game Axe with a proper harass partner is a nightmare, especially vs melee)
Axe + Undying (this has become a "thing" in dual offlanes - Call + Tombstone is very good)
Axe + Vengeful Spirit
Axe + Witch Doctor (Axe benefits from healing in lane, and Maledict works well with Call).

Bane + KotL (unlimited Brain Saps)
Bane + Mirana (Nightmare into Arrow)
Bane + Undying (Brain Sap + Decay = very low enemy hp)

Brood + Dazzle (massive Shadow Wave damage)
Brood + KotL (taking KotL also denies this anti-pusher to your opponents, and allows Brood to create MANY spiders)

Centaur + Shadow Demon (Disruption + Curse to setup for Stomp + Double Edge).
Centaur + Bane (Nightmare setup for Stomp + Double Edge)
Centaur + Abaddon (Shield breaks on Double-Edge = ouch)
Centaur + Tiny (Toss, Stomp, Avalanche, Double-Edge = dead)

Chaos Knight + Ancient Apparition (Rift + Stun keeps foe in range of Cold Feet effect, Vortex buffs Chaos Bolt damage and slows target, or use Chilling Touch for more right-click damage).
Chaos Knight + Leshrac / Lina / Mirana / Windranger / Jakiro (Chaos Bolt sets up 2nd stun)
Chaos Knight + Vengeful Spirit
Chaos Knight + Dazzle
Chaos Knight + Shadow Shaman/Lion

CK/SK/Sven + Lina/SS/Lesh/Lion/Mirana

Clockwerk + Jakiro (cogs + AOEs)
Clockwerk + Lion (Hex into Cogs into assault into Spike)

Crystal Maiden (CM) + Ogre Magi (heavy nuke)
CM + Ursa (one of Ursa's big challenges is holding enemies still so he can Fury Swipe.  CM fixes that).
CM/Veno + Gyro 
Crystal Maiden + Dark seer
Crystal Maiden + Juggernaut

Dark Seer + Clockwerk (Surge the Clock who runs towards the enemy, uses cogs, then ion shell and battery assault to liquefy them. In teamfights put a wall of replica in the cogs and vacuum them in).
Dark Seer + Clinkz / Bounty / Riki (Fun with Stealth & Ion shell)

Dazzle + Undying (heal da zombiez for burst dmg)

Disruptor / Veno + Undying (Slow/Field into Tombstone - easily countered by escapes and heals)

Dragon Knight + Ancient Apparition/Leshrac (Looooong stun)

Doom + Dark Seer (add:  Dazzle, CM, Omni, Abaddon for strong tri-lane)

Drow + ES
Drow + Lich
Drow/Luna + Venge
Drow + Crystal Maiden (slow & kill from range.  Gust / Freeze for defense)

Earthshaker + Drow / Huskar / Ursa / Viper (block off lane, go to town with right-clicks)

Faceless Void + Lich (Carry w/escapes + spammy support - Ults synergize well together)
Faceless Void + Witch Doctor (Kill potential, and late game ult synergy)

Gyro + Venomancer (slow into Barrage)
Gyro + Disruptor (Glimpse back into Barrage)

Huskar + Abaddon (healer allows Huskar to dive and be even more reckless)
Huskar + Axe
Huskar + Bane <-- this is annoying as hell, 2 spears + brainsap = big chunk of your hp
Huskar + Dazzle (Huskar can be even more reckless!)
Huskar + Necrolyte
Huskar + Ogre Magi (Lust + Slow = very good for Huskar)
Huskar + Treant

Jakiro + Veno (push)

Juggernaut + Veno/Lich/Crystal Maiden/Dazzle/OmniKnight
Juggernaut + Ogre magi (be aggressive & go for early kills)
Juggernaut + Shadow Shaman
Juggernaut + Tusk (Snowball into Spin)

Keeper of the Light (KotL) + Zeus/Tinker/Gyro (spammable big nukes)
KotL + Silencer (lots of mana drain)
KotL + Skywrath (very spammy)
KotL + Undying (spam Decay)
KotL + Spammable Nuker (Axe, Sven, Tiny, Zeus)

Kunkka + Dazzle (just annoying to lane against)
Kunkka + Necrolyte (Tidebringer + Heartstopper very annoying to lane against)
Kunkka + Pugna (Decrep into Torrent + Nether Vortex) 
Kunkka + Shadow Demon (Disruption into Torrent)
Kunkka + Tide
Kunkka + Veno/Crystal/Lich
Kunkka + Warlock (Fatal Bonds + Tidebringer)

Leshrac + Crystal Maiden
Leshrac + SandKing (Burrow Strike into Split Earth + Lightning.  Also Caustic works well with Lightning to nuke enemies standing near creeps).
Leshrac + Shadow Demon (Disruption into Split Earth)
Leshrac + Lion

Lich + Phoenix offlane (works vs. trilane!)

Lifestealer + Crystal Maiden
Lifestealer + Shadow Shaman (add CM for a strong tri-lane)

Lina + Jakiro (Ice Path, Light Strike, Dual Breath, Dragon Slave = double kill) 
Lina + Ogre Magi
Lina + Pugna? (lots of burst, but… very slow and squishy) 
Lina + Sand King (unfortunately, both of these heroes need farm, so you need kills!)

Luna + Spiritbreaker <-- SB hits like a truck with charge+bash, plus Luna's passive
Luna + Venge (armor debuff + Luna aura = great harass)
Luna / Weaver + Nyx

Lyncan + Lesh, w/Chen Jungle
Morph + CM (early Basilius)
Naga Siren + Dazzle, abuse illusions
Naga Siren + Leshrac
Naga Siren + Venomancer
Necrolyte + Treant / Omni (very very hard to kill, dangerous for melee enemies)
Necrolyte + Veno (heartstopper + poison/wards is very annoying)
Nature's Prophet + Skywrath (sprout + ult/nukes - this is a weird / unusual lane, but works well)
Nyx + Lion (+ carry for trilane)

OD + Ogre / Lesh / Bane (Essence Aura provides mana to mana-starved Int supports)
OD + Necrolyte (OD feeds Necro mana for more heals)
OD + Silencer (use Astral Prison to reduce mana pool, then use Curse when they can't cast anything)
OD + SD (Spam poison) (Also works with Veno/spam wards)

Ogre + Bane dual offlane
Ogre + Drow/Viper (vs. Beefy melee)
Ogre + Lifestealer
Ogre + Lina/Leshrac/Mirana (any ranged that needs setup stun)
Ogre + Pugna (vs. melee / magic)
Ogre + Veno (vs. anyone)
Ogre + Witch Doctor (Maledict + Double Nuke)

Omni + CM
Omni + Dazzle
Omni + OD (infinite mana = infinite hp) 

Phantom Assassin + Ancient Apparition (Chilling Touch + Phantom Strike)
Phantom Assassin + Abaddon (PA can take lots of risks with shield/heals as backup)
Phantom Assassin + Wisp (as above)  

Phantom Lancer + Keeper of the Light (the classic annoying lane)

Phoenix + Lion / Shadow Shaman
Phoenix + Tusk

Pudge + Bane = easy hook
Pudge + Crystal Maiden (dual disable into Rot)
Pudge + Dark Seer (Surge/Hook + Ion Shell + Rot = No escape)
Pudge + Lion (dual disable into Rot)
Pudge + Shadow Shaman (dual disable into Rot)

Pugna + Silencer (force to Cast with Curse, Ward punishes)
Pugna + Crystal Maiden (Decrepify + Nova + Nether Blast + Frostbite + right clicks...)
Pugna + Keeper (Queue Illuminate, hit with Decrepify before Illuminate hits).

Razor + Bane (Nightmare + Static Link)
Razor + Beastmaster (lots of early right-click dmg + chase with Boar)
Razor + Shadow Demon (Link ticks during disrupt)
Razor + Earthshaker (Link after wall)

Sand King + Omni (Burrowstrike, then Purify)
Sand King + Shadow Demon
Silencer + Axe
Silencer + Keeper (Mana Leak and Curse work well together, can spam it with Chakkra)
Silencer + Nyx (Curse + Mana burn)
Silencer carry + Spiritbreaker support=early game ganks, mid game utility, and late game pwnage.
Sladar + Venge (armor reduction and physical damage + dual stuns)
Slardar + Dazzle
Slardar + Lina/Leshrac
Slardar + Shadow Demon
Slark + Ancient Apparition (long stun after pounce with Cold Feet, Slark Dark Pact with Vortex)
Slark + Undying (stat steal, Pounce + Tombstone is deadly)
Slark + AA (Pounce into Cold Feet)

Spirit Breaker + Ogre Magi (be aggressive, use Lust on Spiritbreaker)

Sven + Ancient Apparition (Cold Feet + Stun = really long stun)
Sven + Crystal Maiden
Sven + Jakiro (Hammer into Ice Path + Dual breath slowing for more right-clicks)
Sven + Keeper of the Light (more Storm bolts is annoying)
Sven + secondary stunner (Leshrac / Lina / Lion / Shadow Shaman)
Sven + Vengeful Spirit

Tinker (HS missile) + Necro (Heartstopper)
Tinker (HS missile) + Gyro (Flak)
Tinker + Clockwerk (Missiles + Flares = very annoying)

Tiny + Centaur; a Queen Bitch of a lane. Toss -> Stomp -> Double Edge -> Avalanche. That’s 450 magic damage at 1300 range, and 4 seconds of stun, all at level 2. And it only gets worse from there.
Tiny + KotL (ability spam)
Tiny + Wisp (classic lane, usually used in mid)
Tiny + Ogre Magi:  "played against this a while ago and they tower dove us right from the start. Toss in the Magi, Fireblast, Ignite, Tiny catches up and you're stunned again. And dead."
Tiny/Chaos Knight/Sven + Io (the typical Wisp pairings)

Tusk + Clockwerk ("cage match")
Tusk + Centaur / Tiny

Undying + Bounty Hunter
Undying + Disruptor (Tombstone + Kinetic Field = killing ground) 
Undying + Jakiro
Undying + Keeper of the Light
Undying + Leshrac
Undying + Veno

Ursa + Crystal Maiden
Ursa + Shadow Shaman
Ursa + Wisp, early Roshan (even L1 with Potion rotation)

Venge + Sven/CK/Wraith King
Vengeful Spirit (get Medallion) + Earthshaker

Venomancer + Luna (with Luna passive dmg boost)
Venomancer + Undying
Venomancer + Viper/Huskar/Jugg/Undying
Venomancer + Dark seer 
Venomancer + Juggernaut (Poison Nova gives you the early Spin opportunity)

Viper + Luna (a strange combo, but Viper very deadly with Luna's aura)
Viper + Nyx (slow/stun/manaburn)
Viper + Ogre (just go bash them in the face, then nuke them down)
Viper + Venomancer (tons of tick damage harass and slows)
Viper + Wraith King (vamp aura helps Viper tankiness, lots of carry)

Warlock + Kunkka (Bonds + Tidebringer)
Warlock + Lesh/Zeus (Fatal Bonds + multi-target lightning)

Weaver + Abaddon (squishy Weaver gets buff)

Windranger + Centaur (lots of nuke damage, if Shackle lands, Stomp followup)

Wisp (Io) + Chaos Knight/Ursa/Tiny/Sven/Phantom Assassin/Medusa (all of these work well with Io)

Wraith King + Vengeful Spirit
Wraith King + Lina/Leshrac/Sand King/Nyx (any secondary stunner)

Aggressive Dual Lanes (dual offlane):

Spiritbreaker + Dazzle

Tusk + Spiritbreaker/Centaur/Slardar/Tiny/Axe/Lifestealer/Troll/Pudge/Abaddon/Jugg
Tusk + Clockwerk /Earthshaker
Tusk + Magnus (when they try to escape Ice Barrier after snowball, Skewer them back, or just to slow them)
Tusk + Veno (Use Wards to block exit to Ice Barrier)

Mirana/Razor/Lina + Bane (Nightmare sets up arrow/static link/LSA + Double Nuke)

Ogre + Lina 
Lifestealer + Crystal Maiden
Huskar + Dazzle
Slardar + Vengeful Spirit
Gyro + Disruptor (Glimpse back into Rocket Barrage)
Gyro + Rubick/Disruptor + SS (Tele/Glimpse into Kinetic into Barrage)
Broodmother + Disruptor (Glipse + Kinetic back into spider army)
Jugg + Disruptor/Veno/Dazzle/Viper (slow/glimpse + spin)
Zeus/Lion + Lina (bring Clarities, harass them out of lane)

Untested/Theoretical Dual Lane Ideas:
Sven/Wraithking/Tiny + Crystal Maiden (regen for low mana pool and bad Int, slows allow carry to catch & kill enemies)

Troll Warlord + Vengeful Spirit

Slark + Razor (suck away enemy damage!   Problem = compete for farm)

Razor (farming) + Bane (heavy nuke and dmg reduction, to screw over last-hitting)

Slark + OD (vs. enemy ag and str heroes – do not pick vs. lots of Int heroes – get Zeus instead).

Drow + Venge (medallion on Drow, Urn on Venge?)

Magnus + Keeper (Magnus is much more dangerous with mana – keeper can easily top him up, and they can push like crazy.  The harass would be unfunny).

OD + Shadow Demon (lots of banishing, very annoying)
--- don’t play vs. Nyx ---

Alchemist + Venge (Unstable Concoction is Physical dmg, stacks with armor reduction of Acid Spray & Venge’s Wave).  Two stuns in lane = kills.

Enigma + Lich (offlane pair):  very annoying; between Sacrifice and Conversion, this pair can keep the creep waves at their tower.  Combine this with a ganker mid, and you're bound to keep the enemy carry underfarmed.  Their ults also work well together, but be sure to ban Rubick!
More Lane pairs to Try (Need Feedback):
Spirit Breaker + Visage / Venge
Leshrac + Venge (2 stuns, aura + wave increases physical Edict dmg)
** get RoB on Venge and Medallion+Atos on Leshrac?
OD + Lion (Banish one enemy, stun+sheep other one and go to town on him).

Lifestealer + Venge
Bane + Lich (one gains mana back, one gains hp back from abilities)
Bane + Lion (lock one guy down with Hex & Nightmare, wail on the other guy with Stun + Brain Sap + Right Clicks.  At level 6, ults destroy someone)
Viper + Bounty Hunter
Lion + Nyx (mana drain / burn! – go offlane and gank the crap out of the enemy carry, & ward enemy pull camp/jungle)
Nyx + OD (Mana burn/Banish, hardly any mana, then stun + Orb)

Unusual Lane Pairs:

Tiny + Slardar/Centaur (throw + Stomp/Crush + avalanche)
Enigma + Lich (double deny, Eidolons/Frost Armor to tank wave under tower)
Anti-Mage + Lich (mid lane)

Lane Pair Favourites from the Web:

**Nyx + Silencer (mana burn + curse of silent = nasty).  Harass with Glaives, Nyx stun, get kills, snowball.
**Centaur + Pugna (Decrepify + Stomp + Double Edge).

Wraith King + Venge (two stuns plus high right-click)
Phantom Assassin + Venge (Slow + Stun + Dmg reduction and high right-click)
Pair of carries = Drow + Troll (Drow buffs Troll, Troll ult makes Drow OP).
Pugna + Leshrac (Decrepify + Split Earth) – need to build survivability items + regen, both squishy.

KotL + Undying (Spam Decay for Str steal)
Bane + Mirana (Nightmare, land perfect arrow, follow up with right-clicks/brain sap)
Bane + Undying (enfeeble + decay = very little hp and last-hitting power)
SS + Ursa (Sheep + Shackle = free kill w/Fury Swipes)

Magnus + CM (slow/freeze = perfect Magnus Skewer, aura = more Shockwave spam)
Centaur + Necro = able to heal Double Slice damage.  Orb of Venom on Centaur for chasing!
Centaur + Warlock = fatal bonds on creeps + hero, double slice to clear wave / damage enemies
Gyro + Ogre Magi = Fireblast + Homing Missile, Nuke
Gyro + Venge
Tiny + Ogre Magi = Toss Ogre, Nuke/Stun, Avalanche.  DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!
OD + Magnus (OD essence aura for mana).  CM elsewhere on map (regen) would get this combo rolling.

Axe + Silencer (Curse of Silent + Battle Hunger)
Pugna + Morph (L1 knockout punch)

More Good Lane Pairs (suggestions from the web):

- Shadow Shaman + Chaos Knight – while Rhasta is valid with any heavy dps early game, his slow move speed makes it easy for the opponent to avoid sticky situations. CK’s initiation solves that problem – blink > stun > shackle > lightning > gg.

- KotL + Io (offlane) :  Tether + Chakkra, both get mana. We spammed spirits and illuminate and pushed the hell out of the lane.

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