Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7.05 - Low-Tier Meta Teams

Well, I'm back.  For a bit... school is taking it's toll!

Here's a list of meta heroes as of 7.05, from high-winrate heroes, for the sub-2k bracket:


- Zeus
- Necrophos
- Silencer


- Wraith King
- Spectre
- Ursa
- Chaos Knight


- Crystal Maiden
- Warlock
- Lich
- Omniknight
- Vengeful Spirit
- Jakiro

Offlaner Farmers:

- Abaddon
- Axe
- Spiritbreaker
- Centaur

High Win-Rate Team Ideas for Sub 2k MMR

Dual lanes:

Mid:  Zeus
Safe:  Wraith King + Crystal Maiden
Offlane:  Abaddon + Venge

Mid:  Silencer
Safe:  Ursa + Warlock
Offlane:  Axe + Centaur / Spiritbreaker (basically, just cut the wave or crap on your enemies)

Mid:  Necrophos
Safe:  Chaos Knight + Warlock
Offlane:  Omniknight (farming) + Jakiro (harass early with liquid fire)

Solo offlane with Jungler

#4:  Crap on their mid and their offlane
Mid:  Axe (vs. melee mid) or Jakiro (vs. ranged mid) - this is "crap on their mid and push"
Safe:  Spectre + Lich
Jungle:  Ursa (ganks safelane at L3 with 1-1-1 build)
Offlane:  Spiritbreaker
Idea:  Spectre / Spiritbreaker give you a global presence, and Axe + Lich give you teamfight.  A mid-Jakiro gives you pushing power, and shuts down their mid, or more teamfight (backs up Ursa).

#5:  Maximum Healing, Greedy Lineup
Mid: Abaddon / Necrophos
Safe:  Necrophos / Abaddon + Warlock
Jungle:  Wraith King (a bit of a stretch, but can work with Vamp Aura)
Solo Offlane:  Omniknight
Note:  This is a very greedy lineup.  Jungle WK is a bit slow, but worth giving up levels in the offlane so that Omni can get solo XP and a bit more farm.  Midgame, your WK should never die, nor your Abaddon.  You are low on stuns, so Necrophos should get a Rod of Atos or ultimately a Sheepstick.

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