Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Breakdown of Initiators

Types of Initiators:

  • AOE damage (direct or over time)
  • AOE lockdown (slows, stuns, movement restrictions, positioning)
  • AOE debuffs (silences and debuffs)
  • Isolation (separates a hero from their team for a pick-off)

Examples of Initiator by Type

AOE Damage:

  • Earthshaker (Echo Slam)
  • Sand King (Epicenter)
  • Elder Titan (Earthsplitter)

AOE Lockdown:

  • Enigma (Black Hole)
  • Disruptor (Static Storm + Kinetic Field)
  • Warlock (Chaotic Offering + Upheaval)
  • Puck (Dream Coil)
  • Medusa (Stone Gaze)
  • Naga (Song)
  • Faceless Void (Chronosphere)
  • Magnus (Reverse Polarity)

AOE Slows

  • Beastmaster (Roar)
  • Brewmaster (Thunder Clap)
  • Crystal Maiden (Nova, Blizzard)
  • Wraith King (Ressurection)
  • Gyrocopter (Call Down)
  • Omniknight (aura)
  • Invoker (Ice Wall, Ghost Walk)
  • Lich (Frost Blast - small AOE)
  • Medusa (Stone Gaze)
  • Riki (Smoke Screen)
  • Sand King (Epi)
  • Timbersaw (Chakram)
  • Tusk (Ward)
  • Warlock (Upheaval)
  • Ursa (Earthshock)
  • Venomancer (Venomous Gale)

AOE Debuffs

  • Dazzle (Weave)
  • Warlock (Fatal Bonds)
  • Elder Titan (Natural Order aura)


  • Vengeful Spirit (Nether Swap)
  • Batrider (Lasso)
  • Magnus (Blink + Skewer)
  • Clockwerk (Hook + Cogs = Isolate 1 hero, split enemy team around Cogs)

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