Sunday, September 7, 2014

Team Ideas: Global Pain!

Just for fun, I thought up some viable teams with global-effect spells or positioning.

Heroes of Choice:  Clockwerk, Gyro (Aghs), AA, Zeus, NP, Spectre, Invoker (Exhort), and Wisp.
Also "Global":  Spiritbreaker,  Tinker, Centaur, Troll, Drow, Crystal Maiden

Team Ideas:

Clock, Gyro (Aghs), AA, Zeus, NP

Clock solo offlane
NP jungle
Zeus mid (early Refresher)
Gyro + AA safelane

Zeus, Silencer (Aghs), NP, Spectre, AA

NP + Zeus offlane
Spectre + AA safelane
Silencer mid

Clock solo offlane
Invoker mid
NP jungle
Gyro + AA/Zeus safelane

Tiny, Io, NP, Gyro, AA

Tiny+Io mid
NP solo safelane
Gyro + AA dual offlane*
* depends heavily on enemy team laning and draft

1 comment:

  1. I searched google for this because I just thought up the same thing myself... would be fun, LOL


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