Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Teams with varieties of disables

Types of disables:

  • Silence
  • AOE Stun
  • AOE Slow
  • Slow
  • Primary Stun (targeted)
  • Secondary (delayed) Stun

see Heroes by Disable Type

Silences:  Bloodseeker, Death Prophet, Doom, Drow, Earth Spirit, Invoker, Puck, Silencer, Riki, Skywrath

Team Ideas:

by Ability:
Secondary Stun:
AOE Disable:

Slow:  Venomancer (support)
Stun:  Wraith King (carry)
Secondary Stun:  Lina (support)
AOE Disable:  Magnus (offlane)
Silence:  Death Prophet (mid)


Stun:  Ogre Magi (support)
AOE Disable:  Gyrocopter (carry)
Secondary Stun:  Leshrac (mid)
AOE Damage:  Tidehunter (solo offlane)
Slow + Silence:  Skywrath Mage (support)

Slow:  Jakiro (support)
Stun: Sven (carry)
Secondary Stun:
AOE Disable:  Warlock (support)

CM + AA + Sven
Tidehunter solo offlane
DP mid

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