Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Team Idea: Hard-hitting melee w/stuns

I had the idea that if you had some hard-hitting melee, you really want your opponents to stay still while you beat on them.  Hence, hard-hitting melee carries with lots of disables on the team.
 I personally prefer stuns to slows.

Melee-Favourable Teams:  

Trilane: Sven + Venge + Windrunner
Mid:  Leshrac / Lina (followup stun, pusher)
Offlane: Centaur

Trilane:  Wraith King, Disruptor, Ogre Magi
Mid:  Medusa
Solo Lane:  Undying

Trilane:  PA, Sven, Disruptor
Mid: Slark
Offlane:  Beastmaster

Trilane:  Sven, Warlock, Venge (or Troll?)
Mid:  Puck
Offlane:  Centaur

Trilane:  Sven + Venge + Crystal Maiden
Mid:  Tiny
Offlane:  Enigma

Hard Melee w/ slows

Sven + Disruptor + Elder Titan
Warlock mid
Undying solo offlane
Idea:  Warlock and Disruptor allow Tombstone to stay down unmolested using Kinetic field and Upheaval, and yet keep enemy heroes in range of the zombies.  Meanwhile, Sven can lay waste with right-clicks and Elder Titan can follow up with an Earthsplitter, which should be difficult to dodge.
Counter:  This team is countered by split-push (Nature's Prophet, Tinker), and BKB heroes (Luna, Dragon Knight).


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