Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Team Theme: Argh! Kill it!

This Dota 2 Team Theme focuses on heroes that spawn things that the enemy needs to deal with quickly.  Not killing them results in a bad situation for the enemy.  This team idea asks:  "what if the enemy was forced to choose between them, while getting hurt by the ones they were forced to ignore?"

Heroes with Dangerous Spawns

  • Pugna (Nether Ward)
  • Undying (Tombstone)
  • Phoenix (Supernova egg)
  • Shadow Shaman (Serpent wards)
  • Warlock (Infernal)
  • Juggernaut (Healing Ward)
Honourable Mentions: Tusk (Sigil)

Heroes with Channeled AOE Ultimates:

  • Witch Doctor (Death Ward - isn't targetable, but WD needs to be stunned ASAP)
  • Crystal Maiden (Freezing Field - a channeled ult, similar to WD, above) 
  • Enigma (Black Hole) 
(6.85 item that helps these heroes:  Glimmer Cape - Fade while channeling)

Side Mention

These are heroes that summon things, but the summons aren't so deadly that they need to be dealt with quickly:
  • Visage (Gargoyles)
  • Lycan (Wolves)
  • Invoker (Forge Spirits)
  • Enigma (Eidolons) 
  • Weaver (Swarm)

Team Ideas (with Lanes)

Mid: Warlock
Safe:  Juggernaut + Phoenix + Pugna
Offlane: Undying
Combo:  Warlock drops Infernals, casts Fatal Bonds, then channels Upheaval.  Pugna drops his Nether Ward somewhere nearby, Phoenix soars around dropping Fire Spirits, and Undying runs to the middle in Golem form and drops Tombstone.  Pugna can Decrepify the Tombstone to keep it alive longer.  If enough enemies are busy with Zombies and caught in Upheaval, Phoenix goes Supernova and Jugg spins / casts Omnislash.

Mid: Juggernaut
Safe:  Weaver
Jungle:  Enigma
Offlane: Phoenix + Undying
Ban: Rubick, Death Prophet (Silence), Drow (Silence)
Author's Note:  I think this is my favourite:  trapping the enemy inside a Black Hole while Phoenix Supernova is burning, Zombies are wailing, Juggernaut is spinning, and Weaver's bugs are eating.  Whichever teammates aren't in the Black Hole aren't going to be able to stick around to help... and if they did, they would probably just die.  The line-up has decent sustain and push, with potential split-push from Weaver, and the big ultimates don't always need to be stacked, so at least one could be still available for the next teamfight.
Downside:  Anyone not caught in the Black Hole can basically just run away.

Mid: Phoenix
Safe:  Invoker (Exhort)
Aggro Tri: Jugg + Witch Doctor + Crystal Maiden

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