Monday, March 9, 2015

Dota 2 Patch Notes 6.83 - commentary

See the Dota2 Patch notes from 6.83.

Significant hero changes this patch:

Chen - further buffs to abilities and Ancient golem
Disruptor - decreased cooldowns and mana costs
Gyrocopter - larger ult area, changes to Homing Missile
Lina - several decent damage buffs
Sniper - giant buff to Shrapnel

Heroes that should see MORE play due to small changes:

Chaos Knight (Rift buff)
Crystal Maiden (Frostbite, Ult both buffed)
Juggernaut (base Ag+, crit buff)
Lion (+7 base dmg)
Nightstalker (various small buffs)
Shadowfiend (Raze dmg buff)

Heroes that will see LESS play due to small but significant nerfs:

Ogre Magi (yet another nerf to Fireblast)
Brewmaster (Armor nerf is not insignificant for mid laner)
Death Prophet (Str growth reduced)
Faceless Void (various small nerfs)
Tidehunter (Ravage dmg nerf)

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