Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dota 2 Common Mistakes

Common Dota 2 Mistakes to Avoid

From a Reddit Post.  <source needed>

* Trying to defend a T2 tower when the enemy has better teamfight / Aegis / more players at the tower.
* Using glyph on a T2 tower that is sure to die / not being defended (better to delay and force them to fight uphill)
* Fighting instead of disengaging when the fight is in an area where we have no vision and there is no map objective.
* Chasing a wounded enemy for a really long time with no vision of where they are going.
* Trying to kill Roshan without having any vision around the pit and without having vision of most or all of the enemy team.
* Trying to contest Roshan without vision / without the whole team / against a team with better teamfight.
* Saying "we need to end fast" and trying to push onto the high ground with the entire enemy team alive (without having a massive advantage) instead of containing the enemy team to their base and farming the entire map to gain the necessary advantage.
* Not having TP/BoT at all times after a few minutes into the game.
* Staying in lane and trying to farm with very low HP.
* When defending a tower, running out in front of it to fight instead of forcing the enemy team to fight under the tower. (Or, running down off the high ground instead of forcing them to fight uphill.)

Zrog's Additions:

  • Movement:  after blowing your abilities, unless you are a hard carry with right-click items, you should back away from the (team)fight, then re-engage as abilities come off cooldown. (Exception: before L6, in small skirmishes, your right-click is still valuable).
  • Communication:  Always call out when an enemy is diving you under the tower.  If one or more teammates can TP to assist, it really punishes the tower dive (or at least deters the gank)
  • Split-Pushing Alone when you have no vision and the enemy team is off the minimap.  You are just asking to get killed.
  • Failing to Check the Mini-map Frequently:  I don't care if you're playing bots - you need the habit of checking the mini-map frequently.  Spend a few games focusing on creating this habit.

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