Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Repost: A Checklist of Dota2 Mechanical Skills

by dorjedor on reddit:

Checklist for a good DotA mechanical skills:
  • Good map awareness/mini-map awareness.
  • Good last hitting and denies.
  • When to dive or to back off.
  • When to farm, to gank, to save teammates, or to run away.
  • Carrying a TP (you can't have enough TP).
  • Rune spawn time. Rune is an instant cheat provided by the game, abuse it.
  • Resetting creeps/tower aggression.
  • When to push towers and barracks.
  • When to buyback, as well as know when to save buyback gold.
  • Communication with the team/capability to figure out their intention.
  • Ability to figure out the opponent's intention.
  • Always make missing calls, repeat every minute/half a minute.

Tips & Common mistakes:
  • Don't overextend, your life is worth more than theirs (unless you can get 2-3 kill for it).
  • Finish the game ASAP. Comeback gold is terrifying (this is also your hope if you're playing from behind).
  • Positioning do very well in a teamfight, more if you're a ranged hero.
  • Know who to focus your target on (hint: squishy supports before carries and save tank for last)
  • A cheap item in the beginning of the game is a good investment. Stop buying those and move on the more expensive item as the clock ticking in.
  • Killing heroes worth a tons more of gold and exp than creeps, but it also applied to you so know your limitation.
  • Always carrying a TP.
  • Stout Shield/Poor Man's Shield is a lifesaver early game.
  • Orb of Venom is a beast early game.
  • Changing Power Tread to Str (or Int) could save your life more often than you imagined, even more so if you're a squishy carry/support.
  • If you can kill, go fight. If you can't kill, go farm/split push.
  • Watch your reliable gold, try to spend as less as reliable gold as possible during late game for buyback purposes.

A quote by dorjedor:
Or:  "How to play Dota 2 in 2 short sentences"
“If you can kill, yes.  If not, then continue farming until you can kill.”

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