Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spotlight on Naga - how to abuse Song

A brief list of abilities you can use while Song is active, or just before cancelling Song:

Warlock – Upheaval channel
Undying – Tombstone spawns zombies during Song
Elder Titan – Set up an Earthsplitter
Enchantress/Chen – get Creeps in position
Brood – surround with spiderlings
Shadow Shaman – easy surround with Wards
Jakiro – pre-drop Macropyre, then quick Ice Path after Song cancelled/ends
KotL – charge up an Illuminate for when Song ends
Techies – lay mines right on top!
Enigma – easy setup for Black Hole (Naga must cancel Song)
Dazzle – allow Weave to tick a bit longer on your team before engaging
Invoker – drop an Ice Path perfectly
Phoenix - Supernova channel, cancel Song before it pops
Kunkka - Cast Ghost ship, cancel Song before it hits
AA – Drop a few Vortexes on enemies

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