Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hero Spotlight: Slardar (6.87)

In Dota 2, Slardar is not known as a terribly hard carry, as even though his skill set is excellent, he does not scale as well as some of the harder carries (like Anti-Mage, Spectre, and Phantom Assassin), 

  • Excellent stat gain
  • Good Blink-Initiator
  • Sprint gives good mobility
  • Excellent Physical-Damage dealer
  • Abilities pierce BKB (physical)
  • Built-in Bash
  • Needs very few items to "come online" and start ganking or fighting
  • No teamfight ultimate
  • Needs attack speed items
  • Sometimes hard to find a place to lane him

Item Build Ideas:

Slardar Pushing Carry:
Start: Tango, Mango, Quelling, Circlet
Early:  Boots, Wand
Core:  Powertreads, Maelstrom, Blink, TP
Situational:  BKB, Desolator, Vlad’s
Lategame:  Mjolnir, AC, Heart, BoT, Moonshard

Slardar Offlane / Ganker
Start:  Tango, Mango, Shield, Potion, Branches
Early:  Boots, Wand/Stick, Infused Raindrop, Bottle
Core:  Blink Dagger, Power Treads, Echo Sabre
Utility:  Blade Mail, Pipe, Vlad’s, Crimson Guard, Lotus Orb, Halberd
Luxury:  AC, Heart, BoT

Teams w/Slardar:

#1: Armor Reduction
Tri-Safelane:  Slardar, Dazzle, Venge
Mid:  Shadowfiend / DP / DK
Solo Offlane:  Elder Titan / Bounty / Lone Druid / Enchantress
Ban:  Omni, Viper/OD

#2: Snowball
Dual Safelane: Ember + Jakiro
Mid:  Viper
Dual Offlane: Slardar + Lion

Ban:  Doom, OD?

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