Monday, February 23, 2015

Team Theme: Close is Dead!

Heroes you don't want to stay close to:
  • Undying (Tombstone + Golem)
  • Phoenix (Supernova)
  • Doom (Scorched Earth)
  • Warlock (Infernal)
  • Shadowfiend (Ult)
  • Bristleback (Quill Spray)
  • Dark Seer (Ion Shell / Wall)
  • Tusk (Ward)
  • Witch Doctor (Ward)
  • Omniknight (Purge)
  • Axe (Helix)
  • Juggernaut (Spin)
  • Clockwerk (Battery Assault)
  • Pudge (Rot)
  • Razor (Storm)
  • Leshrac (Edict, Pulse Nova)
  • Necrolyte (Aura, AOE)
Team Ideas based on above theme:

Mid:  Phoenix
Safe:  Omni + Tusk
Jungle:  Doom
Offlane:  Dark Seer

Mid:  Pudge
Aggro tri:  Phoenix, Undying, Omniknight
Safelane solo:  Razor

#3:  (greedy dual-lane lineup)
Mid:  Leshrac
Safe:  Axe + Necrolyte
Offlane:  Bristleback + Warlock

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