Monday, November 10, 2014

List of Heroes with More Than One Disable

List of heroes with two or more hard disables, and some team ideas around this.

Heroes with Two Disables, NOT including Ultimate:

Earthshaker (Fissure, Aftershock - also Echo Slam)
Lion (Earth Spike + Hex)
Shadow Shaman (Hex + Shackle)
Tiny (Avalanche + Toss)

Heroes with Two Disables Including Ultimate:

Bane (Nightmare and Fiend's Grip)
Brewmaster (ultimate form has Tornado and Boulder)
Centaur Warrunner (Stomp and Stampede)
Clockwerk (Cogs and Hook)

Invoker (multiple)
Kunkka (Torrent & Ghost Ship - and X for chasing)
Naga (Ensnare & Song)
Ogre (Agh's Only:  Fireblast & Unrefined Fireblast)
Rubick (Telekinesis + stolen ability*)

Honourable Mention:

Chaos Knight (Chaos Bolt + Rift = can't run away)
Crystal Maiden (Nova, Frostbite, slowing ultimate)
Meepo (so many nets! at such crazy range!)
Shadow Demon (Disruption + Demonic Purge (slow))
Tidehunter (Gush + Ravage)
Timbersaw (Agh's = dual Chakram)
Treant (Leech Seed + Overgrowth)
Visage (Grave Chill + Familiar Stuns)

Maximizing the use of multiple disables:

To make the most of your disables, you need teammates that can dish out tons of damage to disabled targets, or targets that would otherwise kite or move out of range.

The following heroes benefit more from having extra stunners:

Ancient Apparition (Cold Feet)
Gyro (Call Down)
Invoker (Sunstrike)
Jakiro (Macropyre, Ice Path secondary stun)
Juggernaut (Spin)
Leshrac (Pulse Nova, Edict)
Lifestealer (Rage)
Mirana (set up for Arrow)
Skywrath Mage (Mystic Flare)
Ursa (Fury Swipes)
Illusion Heroes:  Chaos Knight, Naga, Meepo, etc.

Team Ideas:

Mid:  Invoker
Safe:  Gyro + Earthshaker  + Lion
Solo Offlane:  Timbersaw

#2: (pushing team)
Mid:  Leshrac
Safe:  Tiny + Shadow Shaman + Jakiro
Solo Offlane:  Centaur

#3: (2 core, aggro-tri)
Mid:  Ancient Apparition
Safe solo:  Brewmaster
Aggro Trilane:  Lifestealer + Crystal Maiden + Lion

More Team Ideas with heavy disablers.

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