Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Team Ideas: All healers & lifestealers

This is a "theme" team, but might work really well in low-level pubs where players have a hard time coordinating their nukes.

Candidates:  See List of Healers, Lifestealers and Self-Healers

Team ideas:  Dual Lanes

Omni Mid
Necrophos + Treant
Abaddon + Dazzle

Huskar Mid
Doom + Bane
Chen + Undying

Team Ideas:  Tri-lane

Necrophos Mid
Alchemist + Dazzle
LC Jungle
Undying Offlane solo

Mid: Huskar
Safe: Wyvern, Legion Commander, Pugna
Offlane: Phoenix

Team Ideas:  Dual Mid

Mid:  LC + Io
Safe:  Wraith King, Wyvern

Offlane: Doom

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