Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Similar Heroes for When you Get Banned

The following list gives ideas of what hero to pick when your preferred pick suddenly gets banned, or when you love one hero but want to play a similar-but-different one.

Tidehunter = Timbersaw.  Both tough, melee initiator-types with lots of nuke.

Lion = Lina = Ogre Magi.  All are big nukers with big single-target ultimates.

Abaddon = Legion Commander.  Both can be played as support/healer/semi-carries, with slightly different functions, but very similar ability to buff and heal allies.

Wraith King = Sven = Dragon Knight = Alchemist.  All three have hard disable, good tankiness and passive buff.

Magnus = Beastmaster.  Tanky, big teamfight ultimate, buffing abilities and push.

Shadow Demon = Bane = Pugna.  Okay, this is more of a stretch, but all of these are utility supports with an initiating ability, defensive ability, and good sub-abilities on low cooldowns.

Storm Spirit = Puck = Batrider.  All three are "pounce in and isolate" type of ganker / initiators.

Earthshaker = Sand King.  Stun to initiate and followup with big damage.

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