Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Armor Reduction Teams

Here's a team idea:  go for maximum armor reduction, or have as many heroes as possible benefit from extra right-click damage.  While you still need stuns and nukes, extra right-click synergy never hurts!
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Pub: (dual lanes)

Stuns + Armor Reduction + Hard Carry right-click:
  • Sven/Naga + Dazzle safe lane
  • Slardar (build tanky) + Venge (Medallion) hard lane
  • Shadow Fiend mid (ganker build) or Viper

Team Idea #2: Dual Lanes

Alchemist + Dazzle safelane, Venge + Slardar offlane, SFiend mid

Team Idea #3 (aggro tri)

  • Slardar + Venge + Leshrac aggressive tri (push tower)
  • Templar Assassin mid
  • Tidehunter or Bristleback solo safelane
Team Idea #4 (tri-lane)
  • Slardar (Armlet, AC, Heart) + Venge (w/ Medallion) + Dazzle (Mek)
  • Offlane: Tidehunter (Mana boots, Blink Dagger, Support Items)
  • Mid: Shadow Fiend or Templar Assassin (Urn, Desolator, Shadowblade?)

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