Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Building a Team Around a Support

Dota 2 Exercise:  Building around a support

For this exercise, I decided to try building a team around Crystal Maiden (CM), with her mana-aura.  I picked heroes that are generally limited by their early-game mana, but can be very dangerous with additional mana early game.

Team Sample #1: Low-Mana Str heroes + CM

Sven/CK + CM (w/Basilius)
Nightstalker/Dragon Knight (mid)
Offlaners:  Clockwerk
Junglers:  Enigma
Other mana-dependent heroes:  Leshrac, Zeus, Pugna

Team Sample #2 (Dual Lanes)

Axe + Disruptor offlane
Shadowfiend mid
Luna/Gyro/Razor/Sven + CM safe lane (spam Lucent Beam, Missile, Field, or Hammer)

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