Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Team Comps from the Web

Some forum-given team compositions:

Other People’s Interesting Teams:

bounty hunter (offlane solo)
ogre magi
spiritbreaker (mid)

Beastmaster (solo offlane)
Chen (jungle)
Lycan (mid?)
Juggernaut (mid?)

Invoker (mid)
Chaos Knight
Ancient Apparition
Chen (jungle)
Tide (solo offlane)

Rhasta (SS)
Invoker (mid)
Dark Seer (solo offlane)

Necrolyte (carry, mid)
Chen (jungle)
Undying (semi-carry)
Kotl (solo offlane)

Try hard wombo combo lineup:
Dark Seer, Enigma, Invoker, Naga, Veno

Night Stalker mid
BountyH + Rubick or another support safe
Enigma jungle
Tide/Beastmaster suicide

SandKing, Leshrac, (Insert AM, Luna, Naga, Lone Druid here) safe lane
Invoker mid
Dark Seer offlane

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