Friday, July 11, 2014

List of Level 1 Roshan Heroes by Lane/Role

This is a list of heroes that are better than others when used for a Level-One Roshan kill attempt.  In brackets is the level-1 ability that should be skilled to make the most of that hero.

See also List of Level 1 Roshan heroes by Function.

See my post on Viable and Lane-able early Roshan team ideas for some viable team combinations.


Troll Warlord (Fervor)
Viper (Nethertoxin)
Lone Druid (Bear + Hero)
Morphling (morph Ag)
Huskar (Berserking)
Sniper (Headshot)
Clinkz (Burning arrows)
Lyncan (wolves; howl too obvious / giveaway). 
Bristleback (Nasal Goo)
Alchemist (Acid Spray)
Luna (Lunar Blessing Aura)
Juggernaut (ward)
Troll (Fervor)
Morphling (Morph Agility) 
Phantom Assassin (Blur)
Faceless Void (Backtrack)
Sven (tanky only)
Slardar (tanky + Crush = physical dmg, or Bash)


Ursa (Fury Swipes)

Ranged Supports:

Wisp (Tether heal)
Vengeful Spirit (Wave - Aura is better, but Wave won't auto-push the creep wave in lane) 
Witch Doctor (healing circle)
Dazzle (Shadow Wave, but not as good for sustained heal as other healer-types)
Lich (Frost Armor)

Melee Supports:

Wraith King (vamp aura)
Alchemist (Acid Spray)
Abaddon (passive)
Ogre Magi (Bloodlust)


Brewmaster (Drunken Brawler for more tanky)
Drow (Precision Aura - ranged only)
Magnus (Empower)
Night Stalker (tanky only)
Shadow Fiend (Aura)
Spirit Breaker (tanky + bash)
Templar Assassin (Meld - but low duration)
Tusk (Ice Ward)


Bristleback (Nasal Goo debuff)
Beastmaster (tanky + aura)
Centaur Warrunner (tanky only, minor dmg from Return)
Dark Seer (tanky only - Ion shell not very effective)

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