Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drafting Practice - Balanced Early Rosh Team

So... I was using the handy drafting tool online, and I went with the following draft:


I chose Dire, he let me choose so I chose to pick first, so that I would have last pick.

Starting off:

I originally intended, as Dire, to put together an "early rosh" team, which could kill Rosh before the creep spawn.  Luna and NP were my top picks for this (Luna dmg aura + NP Treants), but the rest of the picks ended up being sub-par for this type of thing.  Nyx, though he has really good early regen (2 hps), he doesn't provide anything else really.  However, the rest of my crew are ranged, and as long as I only tanked with 1 treant at a time, there would only be 2 in melee range, so Rosh wouldn't use his AOE stomp.  The rest of the line-up is ranged, so I suppose there might be a case for a Level 1 Roshan kill, but again, not guaranteed.


He started off with two very strong laning supports.  Because he never did validate his lanes, I am unsure whether it was intended to be an aggressive tri-lane, or a roaming pair.  However, I felt that my defensive tri-lane was strong enough to hold it off, and Nyx could roam later to pick off the squishy supports and the squishy Drow carry, together with help from Nature's Prophet, who was intended to split push and roam.  Puck was a direct counter-pick to his choice of Queen of Pain mid, and Puck's silence would be an asset against counter-initiation by Tidehunter, not to mention he would provide some counter-push against their heavy AOE.  Puck was also a good choice because if his supports rotated to gank, Puck at least has an escape mechanism with Orb.


I'm fairly happy with this draft, except I might have been hard-pressed during some teamfights.  I think the lanes were equal, and if NP got shut down against the (assumed) tri-lane, at least he could go jungle.  Being dire also allows me to stack ancients with NP, for extra gold for Luna.

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