Friday, July 11, 2014

List of Level 1 Roshan Heroes by Function

The following Dota 2 heroes provide a lot of benefit when attempting a level 1 Roshan kill.

Obvious Heroes:

Ursa (Fury Swipes)
Io/Wisp (Tether heal)
Wraith King (vamp aura)

High-Damage Heroes:

Troll Warlord (Fervor)
Viper (Nethertoxin)
Lone Druid (Bear + Hero)
Morphling (morph Ag)
Huskar (Berserking)
Sniper (Headshot)
Clinkz (Burning Arrows)
Lyncan (Wolves; Howl too obvious / giveaway).
Lifestealer (Feast does not work on Roshan)

Armor Reduction:

Alchemist (Acid Spray)
Bristleback (Nasal Goo)
Shadow Fiend (Aura)
Templar Assassin (Meld - but low duration)
Vengeful Spirit (Wave - Aura is better, but Wave won't auto-push the creep wave in lane)

Right-Click Buffing Auras:

Luna (flat damage increase)
Beastmaster (attack speed)
Vengeful Spirit (aura; Base Damage buff)
Abaddon (attack speed buff vs. target)
Drow (Precision Aura - ranged only)

Healing Abilities:

Witch Doctor (healing circle)
Juggernaut (Healing Ward)
Dazzle (Shadow Wave not as good for sustained heal)
Necrolyte (poor early heals, but is ranged at least)

Other Good Damage Buffs:

Magnus (Empower - works especially well on Morphling)
Ogre Magi (Bloodlust)
Troll (Fervor)
Morphling (Morph Agility)

Defensive Buffs or Abilities

Lich (Frost Armor)
Tusk (Ice Ward)
Brewmaster (Drunken Brawler)
Phantom Assassin (Blur)
Faceless Void (Backtrack)

High-Armor and Tanky Heroes*

*(see table of EHP values)
Ogre Magi
Spirit Breaker
Night Stalker
Dark Seer
Centaur Warrunner
Tidehunter (also Gush, very low-duration armor reduction).

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