Friday, July 25, 2014

List of Heroes with Auras or Buffs

Auras that increase right-click damage or attack speed:
  • Elder Titan: Natural Order (base armor reduction to enemies)
  • Luna: Lunar Blessing (fixed damage boost)
  • Vengeful Spirit: Vengeance Aura (% base dmg boost)
  • Shadow Fiend (armor reduction aura)
  • Beastmaster:  Inner Beast (
  • Drow: Precision Aura (Ranged only)

Auras with another benefit:
  • Obsidian Destroyer/Devourer:  Essence Aura
  • Necrophos / Necrolyte:  Heartstopper Aura
  • Rubick:  Null Field (magic resist increase)
  • Crystal Maiden: Arcane Aura (global mana regen)
  • Doom:  Scorched Earth (damage)
  • Wraith King:  Vampiric Aura (lifesteal)
Temporary Allied Group Buffs:
  • Lycan:  Howl (flat attack damage buff)
  • Ancient Apparition: Chilling Touch (magic damage to right clicks)
  • Undying: Flesh Golem (+0-30% damage amp)

Items with Auras:

  • Headdress (hp regen)
  • Mekanism (hp regen)
  • Pipe of Insight (hp regen)
  • Radiance (damage aura)
  • Shiva's Guard (attack speed slow)

Balanced Team Examples based around Stacking Auras:

Chaos Knight safelane carry + Venge support/roaming + WK/CM support/roaming
Sfiend mid
Beastmaster/Elder Titan solo offlane

Drow Mid
Elder Titan solo offlane
Luna + Venge + Rubick Safe

Shadowfiend mid
Beastmaster solo offlane
Drow + Visage + Venge safelane
PS - you'll never draft this combo - one of the heroes will get banned It's also heavily countered by Omniknight's ultimate.

Ranged attack buffing

Carries that Give buff:  Drow, Troll (temporary), Shadow Fiend, Luna, Lycan (temporary)
Supports that Give Buff:  Ogre (Lust), Venge (Wave, Aura), Beastmaster (Inner Beast), Elder Titan (Aura), AA (chilling touch)
Buff beneficiaries:  Sniper, DragonKnight, Wind Ranger (all benefit heavily from auras)

Team Example - Ranged Attack Buffing:
BeastMaster / Elder Titan solo offlane
SF mid
DragonKnight solo safelane
Ogre + Venge Roaming

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