Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stat-Stealing Teams & Heroes

A short one this time:  a team that steals

Stat-steal Team:
As tri-lane:
OD/Razor mid, Slark solo lane, Silencer + Bane + Undying trilane

As dual lane:
Razor mid, Slark + Bane, Silencer + Undying

Stat-Steal Heroes:

A list of heroes that can steal abilities or stats from other heroes.  I'm reaching a bit in some cases.

  • Razor (Static Link)
  • OD (Astral Imprisonment)
  • Silencer (Int steal)
  • Slark (stat steal passive)
  • Bane (Enfeeble "steals" damage?)
  • Undying (Hp steal) 
  • Elder Titan (Astral form)
  • Rubick (steals spells?)

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