Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Team Ideas: Using High-Winrate Heroes

The following teams are made up of heroes with high winrates per dotabuff statistics.  In most cases, I try to use the most recent patch, but as this list grows, some of the heroes will have since changed in ranking.

In general, in pub games, tough heroes who can heal (Necrophos, Abaddon, Omni, Witch Doctor, etc) have a really good winrate, since there's a lot less coordination of burst damage in pubs.

Team Ideas (Dual Lanes):

Warlock + Luna, Centaur + Jakiro, mid Zeus

Necrolyte + SpiritBreaker, Lich +Luna, mid Nyx

Jakiro + Centaur, Necrolyte mid, Spirit Breaker + Troll

Warlock mid, Jakiro + Luna, Lich + Drow

#5: (6.82b patch)
Omniknight + Necrophos
Spectre + Lich
Zeus mid

Wraith King + Lich
Ogre + Silencer
Necrolyte mid

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