Monday, August 4, 2014

More Wombo Combos

Team: Luna, Sand King, Kunkka, Jakiro, + Necrolyte/Omni/Dazzle/Witch Doctor

Combo:  Epi --> Burrowstrike into Ice Path into Ghost Ship/Torrent into Eclipse.  By the time the combo is over, Ice Path and/or Burrowstrike may even be off cooldown for a repeat!

Laning:  Very flexible.  Computer tends to send Jakiro mid, but I'd probably pick Kunkka or the +1.

Team:  Sand King, Kunkka, Jakiro, Dark Seer

+ carry with AOE:   Shadowfiend/Medusa/Luna/Gyro/WK/(solo DK w/roamers?)/Alchemist/Terrorblade

Laning:  Kunkka mid, (carry) + Jak + SK safe (& roam), DS solo offlane

The Combo:  Burrowstrike or Vaccum into Ice Path+Wall+Macropyre+Epi+Requiem

Team:  Magnus, Gyro, Kunkka, Jakiro, Shadow Shaman/Lion?

Lanes:  Magnus solo safe, SS + Jak + Gyro agro tri, Kunkka mid
Items: Veil, Mek, Arcanes.
Bans:  Centaur, Naga, Silencer, Pugna

Team:  Warlock, Tidehunter, Sand King, Leshrac, Luna/Sven/Gyro/Kunkka/OD/Ember

Lanes:  Warlock mid, Luna + SandKing + Lesh, Tide offlane
Items: Blink on SK & Tide; Veil on Warlock, Arcanes on Lesh, Mek on carry?
Ban:  Silencer/Rubick/Naga/Pugna

Void solo offlane
Warlock mid
Gyro, Witchdoctor, Crystal Maiden safelane

Timbersaw offlane
Void, WD, Jakiro safelane
Leshrac mid

More Ideas, based on this link:

#1: Puck, Gyro + AA,  Disruptor + Sven (AA & Gyro can anti-push from cross-map (Gyro w/Aghs).

#2:  Faceless + WD + SShaman, Phoenix solo, Magnus mid (RP into Chrono + WD ult + Wards/Shock + Supernova)

#3:  Faceless + Jakiro + Lich, Darkseer solo offlane, Tinker mid (Tinker for splitpush while teamfight powers allow 4v5 wins)

#4:  Medusa + Dazzle + SShaman, DSeer solo offlane, DP mid

#5:  Faceless + Warlock + CM/Lich/Jakiro, Gyro mid, DS/Mag/Elder solo offlane

#6:  Kunkka + Tide + Disruptor, Magnus mid,

#7:  Siren + Tide + Veno, Warlock mid, Dark Seer solo offlane

#8:  Faceless Void + Warlock + Skywrath/CM, Zeus mid, Phoenix solo offlane (Zeus Veil, Phoenix Mek)

#9:  Warlock, Dark Seer, Sven, Disruptor, Sniper/QoP mid
(Vacuum into Bonds + Upheaval + Wall + Static Storm, Sven Storm Hammer + Cleave, Sniper right-click or QoP Sonic/Scream).

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