Thursday, October 2, 2014

Attack Speed and Attack Slows

Attack Speed:

Heroes with Active Attack Speed Buffs

  • Troll Warlord (Ultimate)
  • Ogre Magi (Bloodlust)
  • Legion Commander (Press the Attack)

Heroes with Aura Attack Speed Buffs

  • Beastmaster (Inner Beast Aura)

Heroes that Need Attack Speed the Most:

  • Lifestealer (more Feast)
  • Tiny (high base attack dmg)
  • Treant (high base attack dmg)
  • Spiritbreaker (high base attack dmg, Bashes)
  • Slardar (more Bashes)
  • Faceless Void (more Time Locks)
  • Lone Druid Bear (more Entangle proc chances)
  • Slark (more stat-steal)
  • Doom (has really bad Agility gain) 
  • Centaur (very high Str gain, poor Ag gain)

Attack Slows:

Heroes with Ranged Attack Slows:

Jakiro (Liquid Fire)
Phoenix (Fire Spirits)
Faceless Void (Time Walk)
Visage (Grave Chill)

Attack Slow on Melee Hit

Abaddon (passive)

AOE Ability Attacks Slows:

Brewmaster (Thunder Clap)
Phoenix (Spirits)

Aura Attack Slows:

Omniknight (Aura)
Tusk (Frozen Sigil)

Defensive Attack Slows (on receiving a hit):

Lich (Ice Armor)

Team Ideas based on Attack Slows:

mid - Pugna (punish magic dmg)
Phoenix solo offlane (reduce right-click)

Faceless Void carry
Jakiro + Lich supports
Bans:  Vengeful Spirit, Silencer, Viper, Razor

Aggro Tri:  Lifestealer + Visage + Jakiro
Mid:  Viper (high magic resistance)
Safe Solo:  Brewmaster
Bans:  Batrider, Venomancer

Pugna mid
PA, Abaddon, Disruptor,
Phoenix offlane
Bans:  Viper, Razor, Batrider

Solo offlane:  Phoenix or Omni
Support:  Jakiro + Abaddon

Mid:  Tusk
Carry:  Anti-Mage (hates physical damage)

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