Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Item: Dagon (on what heroes?)

Dagon seems to be a great item, giving an extra nuke to any hero.  Who uses it best?

In most cases, the "good" heroes that could make use of the stats + nuke would need another item first, as a source of mana regen (Arcane Boots, usually).

Good Dagon Hero Candidates:

Ogre Magi - has toughness already, needs Int for mana pool
Nyx - needs burst for better ganking, needs bigger mana pool
Skywrath Mage - Int buffs existing nuke and needs big mana pool
Tinker - more nuke for ganking

Rejected Heroes:

Necrolyte - Int carry, but needs toughness
Storm Spirit - likes burst & int, but needs mana regen really badly
Zeus - more burst would be good, but needs mobility more
Pugna - would be good, but Pugna too squishy - needs hp items more
OD - too squishy - needs mobility, already heavily dependent on magic dmg
Queen of Pain (more burst would be good, but Orchid better)

Unusual Candidates:

Windranger (as semi-support, could use an instant nuke, Int buffs right-click for Focus Fire)

Shadow Demon (as semi-support or mid, he could make very good use of it)
Clockwerk - could use the mana pool and burst damage
Tiny - if someone else is carrying, this would increase your nuke a lot

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