Thursday, October 23, 2014

Earliest Solo Rosh Heroes and Builds

by CNHphoto on Reddit:
So a recent project of mine is learning heroes that can solo rosh early on. I'll post my list of heroes and what they need. I know there's more heroes that can do it in the early game, but I'm not entirely familiar with the minimum requirements (e.g. Venomancer, Troll Warlord, Lifestealer). I'd love to know you think or how to do it with different heroes.
  • Lycan: Need level 7, Vladmir's Offering, Stout Shield, Quelling Blade, Smoke. Complete-able 10 minute mark.
  • Enigma: Need level 5, Medallion of Courage, 2-3 Healing Salves, Smoke of Deceit. Complete-able before 6 minute mark.
  • Ursa: Need level 4, Morbid Mask, Stout Shield, Smoke of Deceit. Complete-able before 6 minute mark.
  • Nature's Prophet: Need level 7, Medallion of Courage, Ring of Basillius, Power Treads, Healing Salve. Complete-able before 12 minute mark.
by hugarh on reddit:
Chen can do it within 10 minutes. Needs lv 7 and a mek. You need an alpha wolf, though .

by Omar_Indeed and stylelimited
Troll just needs Helm of the Dominator and a wolf or ice armor creep, and Level 11.  Usually has Phase Boots by this time as well.  Soloing Rosh before level 11, you need an blue ogre companion to be safe IMO.

by supernerd1123
Drow ranger can do it with a MoM at Level 11.

by DangerAwar
Level 7 Veno can do it with max Plague Wards.  You can have the wards tank Rosh with some aggro management [to avoid having to leave the pit].

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