Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Team Ideas based on Hero Synergies (Continued)

see also:  Hero Synergies

There are certain hero combinations that work well together (per my "Hero Synergies" post), and you will see teams draft these heroes together frequently.  Here are some team ideas based around hero synergies, with a brief explanation of their combos and required bans.

Team Ideas from Hero Synergies:

  • Drow mid (or Shadowfiend)
  • Alchemist + Windranger + Visage aggro tri.
  • Elder Titan (or Bristleback) solo safe
Combo:  Acid Spray +  Base Armor Reduction + Precision Aura (+ WR Focus Fire & Familiars)
Disables:  Slow, Silence, Stun, Secondary Stuns x 3
Ban:  Omni, Faceless, Spectre, Terrorblade, or Brewmaster

#2: (very greedy)
  • Troll mid
  • Faceless offlane
  • Medusa + Slardar + Venge
Combo:  Armor reduction + Medusa Ult + Right-click with Troll Ult.
Ban:  Omniknight, Dazzle, Shadow Demon, Spectre

  • Huskar mid
  • Luna + Wraith King + Windranger
  • Beastmaster offlane
Idea:  Huskar ganks make space for Luna to farm up.  BM + Luna + WK all have aura synergies.  WR Focus Fire ult is buffed by Luna aura.  BM and Luna ults for teamfighting.  BM and WR give push and anti-push until Luna comes online with Glaives.  All heroes scale well.

Undying + Bane + KotL/Warlock aggro trilane
Necrolyte / Medusa mid
Invoker / Broodmother / Nature's Prophet solo safe

#5: (pushing line-up)
Undying + Leshrac + Jakiro aggro trilane
Venomancer mid
Lycan solo safe

Phoenix combos (now that Phoenix is in CM!)
Huskar mid (go Pipe if appropriate)
Gyro + Phoenix safelane
Enigma jungle (go Mek) - pick this guy last or ban Rubick!
Elder Titan offlane
Idea:  Huskar makes space for this greedy lineup with L6 ganks.  Rotate Phoenix to mid when possible for extra farm / levels.
Combo:  (Echo Stomp + ).. Blink-Hole into Earthsplitter + Calldown + Supernova
Ban:  Rubick, Naga, (Silencer)

Leshrac mid
Naga + Crystal Maiden + Phoenix
Elder Titan offlane
Combo:  Song into Supernova + Earthsplitter + Pulse Nova
Bans: Early gankers (Venge, Ogre, etc).  CM and Phoenix are both squishy and slow.

Phoenix mid
Luna / Medusa + Witch Doctor safelane
Axe jungle
Dark Seer offlane
Combo:  Vaccum into Taunt, while Death Ward + Eclipse + Supernova
Ban:  Naga, Faceless Void

#9: (greedy teamfight lineup)
Undying solo offlane
OD + Warlock + Phoenix (two greedy supports)
Pugna solo mid
Combo:  Upheaval + Tombstone + Supernova + Nether Ward + OD ult, while Golem and Fatal Bonds boosts damage, and Phoenix slows right-clicks.
Notes:  Line-up is low on stuns.  OD chosen because of the pseudo-stun Astral Imprisonment, and big teamfight ult.  Alternate carries include Luna, Kunkka, Dragonknight, Wraith King

#9a: (more Phoenix)
Doom jungle
Pugna safe farm + Warlock / Lich support
Phoenix offlane

Leshrac mid
Idea:  Lich or Warlock ult discourages/punishes enemies who clump up to beat on Phoenix's SuperNova, and opponents may have to choose between a farmed Leshrac who is spamming Pulse Nova, and a Phoenix egg.  Meanwhile, Nether Ward punishes nukes and Doom runs rampant.
Weakness:  There's really nothing preventing enemies from leaving the AOE area.
Bans:  Rubick, Centaur, Naga

More combos:

(aggro or defensive) tri-lane:  Luna + Gyro (greedy support) + Crystal Maiden (hard support)
Faceless Void solo offlane
Shadowfiend mid
Idea:  Area lockdown with Chrono + ranged AOE damage
Ban:  Rubick, Naga
Combo:  Chrono over top of Luna Eclipse, Call Down + Freezing Field + Razes over Chrono, SFiend & Gyro right-clicks.  Luna buffs SF, and SF debuffs armor on enemies for Luna.

#11: (physical dmg team, combo'ing with Medusa Ult)
Tri-Lane:  Medusa + Dazzle + WitchDoctor
Death Prophet Mid
Beastmaster Offlane Solo
Pick:  Death Prophet, Witch Doctor, Dazzle, Beastmaster, Medusa
Ban:  Omniknight, DragonKnight, Terrorblade, Faceless, Axe/Necrophos

#12: (lots of range with boosted right-click)
Solo safelane: Undying
Aggro Tri-lane: Luna, Windranger, Venge/Visage
Mid:  Drow (or counterpick)
Picks:  Venge, Windranger, Undying, Luna, Drow
Note:  This team could probaby do a Level 1 Roshan kill.

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