Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Heroes that Jungle or Farm Stacks Efficiently

Caveat:  any hero can jungle.  Some jungle better than others because of their skills, or their ability to clear stacks - that's what this post is about.

Side note:  most solo offlaners are also able to jungle, so that if they are zoned out of the offlane, they can catch up on levels and farm elsewhere.

Carries that want stacks, especially ancient stacks:

  • Alchemist (can farm anything with Chemical Rage)
  • Anti-mage ("Battlefury" carry)
  • Phantom Assassin ("Battlefury" carry)
  • Bounty Hunter ("Battlefury" carry)
  • Juggernaut ("Battlefury" carry)
  • Ember Spirit ("Battlefury" carry)
  • Gyrocopter
  • Dragon Knight
  • Kunkka
  • Axe
  • Legion Commander
  • Medusa
  • Luna
  • Sven
  • Tiny (with Agh's)
  • Templar Assassin

Carries & Semi-Carries that want regular* stacks:

*because Ancients are magic immune
  • Faceless Void (usually goes Maelstrom)
  • Mirana (usually goes Maelstrom)
  • Wraith King (usually goes Maelstrom)
  • Slardar (if going Maelstrom)
  • Weaver (if going Maelstrom)
  • Sniper (Maelstrom)
  • Morphling (Maelstrom)
  • Lone Druid (Maelstrom or Radiance on bear)
  • Bristleback (Quill Spray is magical)
  • Centaur Warrunner (Double-edge for magical dmg)
  • Naga Siren (Riptide with illusions, Radiance)
  • Terrorblade (if going Radiance)
  • Specture (if going Radiance)
  • Phantom Lancer (if Radiance)
  • Meepo (Poof is magical damage)
  • Necrophos (Death Pulse is magical)
  • Pugna (Nether Blast)
  • Shadow Fiend (Shadowrazes)
  • Slark (Dark Pact)
  • Queen of Pain (Scream of Pain)
  • Razor (Plasma Field)
  • Tinker (March of Machines no longer works on ancients)
  • Timbersaw (all abilities magical)
  • Troll Warlord (Whirling Axes is magical)

Carries that DON'T usually want stacks, but like to jungle:

  • Lifestealer
  • Ursa
  • Nature's Prophet (farms lanes, towers, and enemy jungle instead)
  • Broodmother (same as NP)
  • Riki (farms heroes instead)
  • Clinkz (farms heroes instead)
  • Drow (farms heroes instead)
  • Chaos Knight (farms heroes instead)
  • Silencer (relies on single-target orb attacks)
  • Outworld Destroyer (relies on single-target orb attacks)
  • Lycan (farms lanes and towers instead)
  • Terrorblade (farms with illusions only, unless going Radiance)

Dedicated Jungling Supports:

The reason you want a jungling support is to make better use of a safe lane tri-lane that is facing a solo laner, where the carry doesn't need a lot of support against the solo, and you don't want to be sapping your carry's experience. These supports are most often run as junglers ONLY:
  • Enigma (initiator/support)
  • Enchantress (pusher/ganker)
  • Chen (pusher/support)

Best Jungling Supports:

  • Sand King (Sandstorm to farm stacks)
  • Venomancer (Plague Ward maze)
  • Crystal Maiden (farms with Frostbite)
  • Keeper of the Light (farms multiple camps with Illuminate)
  • Techies (remote mines)

Good Offlaner-Junglers

These offlaners can catch up on farm by farming ancient or other stacks if zoned out of the offlane:
  • Tidehunter (farms Ancient stacks with Anchor Smash)
  • Dark Seer (Ion Shell)
  • Beastmaster (Wild Axes)
  • Nature's Prophet (Treants)
  • Phoenix (farms regular stacks with Fire Spirits - needs at least Level 3 first)
  • Windranger (farms multiple regular camps with Power Shot)

Unusual Ways to Jungle Supports:

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