Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Phoenix Agh's Upgrade (6.82b)

So Phoenix now has this Agh's upgrade where she can refresh OTHER heroes' cooldowns on non-ultimates.  What goes well with this?

"Refresher" Hero List:

Doom (Devour & Scorched Earth)
Juggernaut (Blade Fury & Healing Ward)
Lone Druid (new Bear)
Lycan (Howl, Wolves both >30 secs)
Techies (Suicide Squad, upon respawn)
Terrorblade (Metamorphosis)
Undying (Tombstone)
Warlock (Upheaval and Fatal Bonds)
Invoker (so many things... meatballs come to mind)
Drow Range (similar to Lycan, refresh Precision Aura active)

<link to Google doc with table of hero cooldowns>

"Channeled Ultimates" Hero List:

Non-Channeled, persistent spells now "resume" once the egg breaks.  This includes:

Naga - Song of the Siren
Luna - Eclipse
Razor - Eye of the Storm
Sand King - Epicenter
Leshrac - Pulse Nova


Reddit guide of "when to build agh's on Phoenix"

(has since been patched):  Channeled spells screenshots: 

Relevant Phoenix Build / Guide: 

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