Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Team Ideas: Wombo Combos

Lockdown and big delayed damage

Note: Most of these team compositions require you to ban Silencer, and possibly also Naga Siren, as they rely on combinations of sequential ultimates. Rubick and Pugna can also be good bans, depending on how annoying you think they'll be (definitely ban Rubick vs. Enigma!)

Offlane: Elder Titan
Mid:  Gyro or Leshrac
Jungle:  Enigma
Safe Lane:  Luna + Sand King / Earthshaker
Combo:  Uses ET/Enigma/Shaker/SK for AOE lockdown, followed by Calldown/Nova + Earthsplitter

Offlane:  Magnus
Mid:  Kunkka
Safe Lane:  Jakiro + Witch Doctor + Sven
Combo:   Reverse Polarity intiation, extending the lockdown with Storm Hammer and Ice Path.  Followup damage from Ghost Ship, Death Ward and Macropyre.
Caveat:  A partial combo may be preferable, so you don't keep having to wait for ultimates to come off cooldown.  Storm Bolt into Ice Path + Death Ward may be enough to win the fight, for example.

Offlane: Tidehunter
Mid: Invoker
Safe Lane:  Warlock + Earthshaker + Kunkka
Full Combo:  Ravage or Chaos Offering into Echo Slam/Fissure + Ghost Ship + Chaos Meteor/EMP
Note:  Warlock is actually one of the key ingredients to this combo, using Upheaval.  It really works well if you can slow a good chunk of the enemy team.

#4:  Physical Dmg Spell Combo
Offlane: Elder Titan
Mid:  Death Prophet
Safe:  Warlock (or Witch Doctor) + Earthshaker + Medusa

Offlane:  Phoenix
Mid: Puck
Safe:  CM + Silencer + Lifestealer
Combo:  Dream Coil + Infest + Blizzard + Supernova.  Global Silence prevents stuns on CM while she channels.  Phoenix should try to land a Fire Spirit onto the highest-speed enemy right-clickers.

Safelane Solo: Death Prophet
Mid:  Magnus
Aggro Tri:  Luna + Visage + Sand King
Combo:  RP or Burrowstrike + Familiar Stuns + Epi/Eclipse/Ghosts There are enough big ults with these heroes that you can teamfight twice as often and only need half your ultimates each time.

Offlane:  Beastmaster
Mid:  Shadowfiend
Safe Tri-Lane:  Kunkka + Wraith King + Disruptor
Combo:  WK or Beastmaster stun + Static/Kinetic Field + Ghost Ship + SF Razes/Ult
Can be combined with the Wraith King Sucker Punch.

Offlane:  Dark Seer
Mid:  Sven/Warlock/Kunkka
Jungle:  Enigma
Safe:  Gyrocopter +  Elder Titan
Combo:  Vacuum into Black Hole into Calldown+Earthsplitter++

Warlock mid
Gyro + Phoenix/Sandking + Witch Doctor
Elder Titan solo offlane
Combo:  Golem + Echo Stomp, Channel Upheaval, Call Down, Supernova/Epi + Death Ward, Earthsplitter

Puck mid
Elder Titan Solo Offlane
Kunkka + Phoenix + Disruptor
Combo:  Puck Dream Coil into Kinetic Field + Static Field, Ghost Ship, Earthsplitter, Supernova
Ban:  Silencer, Rubick, Naga, Weaver/Slark/Mirana/Spectre (mobile carries)

#11:  High damage teamfight ults
Witch Doctor + Veno + Gyro safelane
Elder Titan solo offlane
Puck mid

Warlock + Disruptor + Gyro
Jakiro mid
Dark Seer solo offlane

Crystal Maiden + Juggernaut
Enigma Jungle
Invoker mid
Timbersaw solo offlane

Sven (Safe carry)
Magnus (mid)
Clockwerk (Flare for vision for RP), or Timbersaw (Chakram during RP)
Venomancer (support)
Disruptor (support)

Gyro + Warlock + Disruptor
Dark Seer offlane
Magnus Mid

Sven + gyro (support) + venomancer (support)
Timbersaw offlane
QoP mid

Safelane: Sven + gyro (support) + venge (support)
Or : Aggro tri = Gyro + Visage + Disruptor
Doom solo
Sfiend mid
Ban:  silencer

Zeus mid
Gyro + Silencer (Aghs) + Warlock
NP offlane
Combo:  Fatal Bonds + Zeus/NP alts + Flak/Calldown + Global Silence (w/Curse)
Ban:  Nyx, Spiritbreaker (gankers)

#19: "Unavoidable Combo"
Zeus mid (Aghs)
Spectre + Silencer (Aghs) + Warlock
NP Offlane
Combo:  Haunt + Zeus Ult + Silencer Ult + NP ult.  Guaranteed damage - might even kill some supports outright.

#20: Skillshot Team:
Pudge + Mirana + Clock (aggro tri)
AA (mid)
Invoker (E) – safe solo

#21: Area Lockdown & AOE
Gyro + Kunkka + KotL (aggro tri)
Puck solo safe
Warlock mid

#22: Channel Max (enemy team must choose which to interrupt!)
CM/KotL + Jakiro/SandKing + Void
Witch Doctor
Enigma/Phoenix offlane

#23: Void Solo Offlane ++
Void solo offlane
Greedy support:  Sand King, Earth Spirit, Kunkka, Elder Titan, AA?
Mids: Leshrac, Phoenix, Death Prophet, Invoker, Magnus
Hard Support;  WD, Lich, Jakiro, CM, Disruptor

Safe:  Gyro, Luna, Medusa, Sniper?

#24:   Wombo AOE
Disruptor, Enigma, Dark Seer, Gyro, Warlock
Dark Seer Solo offlane
Enigma Jungle
Warlock Mid
Gyro + Disruptor safelane

#25:  AOE Stun + Delayed AOE
Kunkka + Tide + Warlock

Dark Seer

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