Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hero Build: Visage Position 4 (Greedy Support)

Visage is a hero most known for his aggressive tri-laning and he excels in teamfights, especially prolonged ones.  However, as a support, he lacks a true disable other than dropping his familiars on enemies, and starts out quite squishy (due to his negative armor).  His abilities also cost a ton of mana to use, even though they have a good range and are otherwise spammable.

Visage Item Build (tri-lane):

Start (625):  Courier, Tango, Magic Stick, Clarity x 3
Early:  Boots, Stick, TP
Core:  Power Treads, Medallion, Wand, TP
Low Luxury: Drums, Force Staff, Platemail, Point Booster
High Luxury:  Shiva's, Scythe, Agh's, AC
Situational:  Pipe, Vlad's, Gem

Item Build Notes:
  • Some people would prefer a Ring of Protection for Visage, but with the later pickup of Medallion, I feel that someone else could get the Basilius, which would benefit the team more (and Visage would still get the armor aura).
  • Power Treads can be swapped for Arcane Boots if you don't have another support picking up a pair.  Treads are preferred to make Visage tankier (set them to Strength).  Phase Boots aren't a bad choice for the speed boost, but the damage doesn't provide as much benefit to the team.
  • Don't hesitate to pick up a Pipe, Vlad's or Gem on Visage.  All of these benefit the team greatly.
  • 'Casual' Platemail and Point Booster are both great pickups, even if you don't finish a larger item.
  • Visage (and his familiars) are very position-dependent, so a Force Staff can be of great use.

Visage Ability Build:
L1 - Soul Assumption (or GraveChill for defensive tri)
L2 - Grave Chill
L3 - Gravekeeper's Cloak
L4 - Soul Assumption
L5 - Soul Assumption
L6 - Familiars
L7 - Soul Assumption (maxed)
L8 - Cloak
L9 - Cloak
L10 - Cloak (maxed)
L11 - Familiars
L12 - Grave (or stats)
L13 - Grave (or stats)
L14 - Grave (maxed, or stats)
L15 - Stats
L16 - Familiars
L17+ - Stats

Ability Build Notes:
  • Despite Grave Chill's attraction for right-clicking, the bonus is static, and the duration does not increase rapidly, making me favour earlier levels of Cloak, for staying alive longer to spam Soul Assumption more often.
  • An early level of Grave Chill is taken for the slow, to secure kills or aid escapes.
  • Cloak is mainly a deterrent against being focused first, and to mitigate AOE damage and the occasional pot-shot.  It is NOT something you can use to tank for your team, because its layers will fall off rapidly, and leave you squishy once again.
  • Unless your team needs a really long slow (as in, you have melee carries that are getting kited), consider skipping Grave past level 1 and get Stats from levels 12 to 14 instead.

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