Friday, August 22, 2014

DoT Ultimates (with Treant Overgrowth)

Treant's Overgrowth is a strange AOE disable in that it does no damage by itself.  It needs something to go with it.
This is similar to Enigma's Black Hole, except Overgrowth can't be interrupted.

Heroes with AOE Damage Over Time or Delayed Damage:

Sand King - Epicenter
Leshrac - Pulse Nova, Edict
Gyro - Call Down
Kunkka - Ghost Ship
Earth Spirit - Magnetize
Venomancer - Poison Nova
Jakiro - Macropyre
Lich - Chain Frost
Undying - Tombstone (it's not an ult, but it's close)
Disruptor - Static Storm
Witch Doctor - Cask + Death Ward (can still be interrupted)
Warlock - Infernal (Aura + Right-clicks)
Doom - Scorched Earth
Any Radiance carry (Naga, Spectre, Doom)
KotL - Illuminate
Elder Titan - Earthsplitter
Invoker - Deafening Blast, Chaos Meteor, Ice Wall, EMP
Death Prophet - Exorcism
Dark Seer - Wall of Replica illusions
Crystal Maiden - Freezing Field

DoT Ultimates By Role:

Carries:  Gyro, Kunkka, Doom
Supports:  Sand King, Earth Spirit, Veno, Jakiro, Lich, Disruptor, WD, Warlock, KotL, CM
Mids:  Death Prophet, Veno, Leshrac, Warlock, Invoker
Junglers: Dark Seer
Offlaners: Dark Seer, Elder Titan, Doom, Lich, Venomancer, Undying

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