Thursday, August 21, 2014

Team Ideas: Level 1 Rosh

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These team ideas are annotated with what ability the hero should skill to benefit a Level 1 Roshan kill, and/or the lane role the hero should play thereafter.  All heroes should reach Level 2 and get 200 gold after the Roshan kill, and would normally skill their "first level laning ability" thereafter (for example, Necromastery for Shadow Fiend).

Updated for 6.82:  Nature's Prophet is less effective now that Roshan's Stomp has been modified.

Aggro Tri:  Luna (aura) + Venge (aura) + Ogre (lust + tanky)
Weaver (germinate) – solo safe or mid
Beastmaster (aura) - mid or solo safe

Lifestealer (Feast) Wraith King (aura) + Disruptor (any skill) + Venge (aura)
Centaur (stomp or return; offlane)
Luna (aura; mid)

Exhort invoker (mid)
Beastmaster (aura; solo offlane)
Alch  (acid; safelane farmer) + Venge (aura; support/roamer) + Slardar (Crush; roam)

Huskar (mid, zerking)
PA (evasion) + Venge (aura) + Abaddon (aura/passive)
Puck (Orb; solo offlane)

#5: (unusual mid)
Ogre (lust) + Wisp (tether) - dual mid
Beastmaster (aura) - solo offlane
Luna (aura) + Abaddon (passive) - safelane

Spiritbreaker (any skill, bash slightly preferred) - mid
Venomancer (Plague Ward) - solo offlane
Shadowfiend (aura) + Venge (aura or wave) + Disruptor (any skill) safe lane

Viper mid (Nethertoxin)
Enigma Jungle (any skill - ranged only)

Centaur solo offlane
Jugg (healing ward) + Veno (wards) safelane

Beastmaster mid (aura; early Mek)
Venomancer solo offlane (Wards)
Lone Druid safelane (bear)
Jakiro safelane support (any skill; Liquid Fire does not affect Rosh)
Venge roaming (aura or wave)

Puck mid (normal build)
Bristleback solo offlane (Nasal Goo first)
Luna (aura) + Lich (Frost Armor) + Jakiro safelane (any skill)

Shadowfiend mid (armor reduction aura)
Tidehunter solo safelane (Kraken Shell)
Nature's Prophet jungle (Treants - use one treant to scout, to prevent Rosh stomp)
Clinkz (Strafe or Fire Arrows) + Wraith King (aura) + Venge (aura); aggro tri-lane

#11: all-aura team
Luna (aura) + Venge (aura or wave) + Abaddon (passive)
Beastmaster offlane (aura)
Shadowfiend Mid (aura)
Note:  If your Rosh fails SF will lose mid due to lack of Necromastery or Razes.

Alchemist (acid spray) + Venge (wave) + Io (tether)
Bristleback solo offlane (Nasal Goo)
Viper Mid (Nethertoxin)

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