Friday, August 22, 2014

Team Idea: Come back here!

Team Idea:  Lots of spells that reposition enemy heroes

Heroes:  Kunkka, Venge, Magnus, Batrider, Disruptor
Alternates:  Dark Seer,  Earthspirit, KotL, Chen, Rubick

Mid:  Magnus
Solo (Off)lane:  Batrider
Tri-lane:  Kunkka + Disruptor + Venge (roam/pull)

Picks, in order:  Batrider, Venge, Disruptor, Kunkka, Magnus
Possible Bans:  Tidehunter, Faceless Void, Silencer, Dazzle, Rubick, Naga, Shadow Demon, Doom

Strengths of this team:

  • Multiple initiation & teamfight combos:
    1. Blink into Reverse Polarity + Static Storm + Kinetic Field + Ghost Ship + Torrent
    2. Batrider Lasso --> Magic Missile + Torrent (+ right-clicks)
    3. Venge swap --> as 2. above
    4. Blink and Skewer for pickoff
  • Counter initiation:
    • Venge swap 
    • Magnus RP + any combo
  • Chase / Teamfight Cleanup:
    • Disruptor Glimpse --> as 2. above
    • Kunkka X --> as 2. above.
  • Buffs have good synergy (Empower + Vengeance Aura + Wave of Terror + Kunkka Tidebringer)
  • RP and Kinetic Field are both good setup for Ghost Ship
  • Disruptor counters heroes such as Nature's Prophet and Tinker
  • Multiple laning possibilities (could send Batrider mid against a stronger mid, and Magnus solo offlane, or run the tri-lane on the offlane).

Weaknesses of this team:  

  • Kunkka is not the strongest core, and relies on burst damage rather than sustained heavy right-click (low Agility gain, usually not built with attack speed items)
  • Picks such as Silencer or Naga could really shut down the Magnus-based teamfight, or let Batrider jump in for a pickoff and get picked off instead with a timely Silence or disable.
  • Although the teamfight is decent, and pickoff / roam potential is good, there aren't any really good tower-killers on the team.
  • Both Batrider and Magnus both need Blink to be effective (and Venge would benefit from it as well, now that she's allowed to use the item!)

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