Friday, August 22, 2014

List of Heroes with Stuns (by position / role)

I know I probably missed some here, but here's a starting list of reliable stuns, by hero position.

Carries with reliable stuns: 

Wraith King, Sven, Dragonknight, Alchemist, Chaos Knight, Ember Spirit, Morphling, Slardar, Tiny, Luna

Semi-Carries or Mids with Reliable Stuns/Disables:

Dragon Knight, Ember Spirit, Storm Spirit, Invoker (Wex)

Offlaners with disabling Ultimates:

Beastmaster,  Tidehunter,  Magnus, Treant, Phoenix (secondary, ult)

Offlaners with Reliable Non-Ult Stuns:

Centaur (stomp), Nyx, Elder Titan (unreliable)?

Supports with reliable stuns:

Venge, Lion, Shadow Shaman, Ogre Magi, Rubick, Wraith King, Alchemist, Sand King, Earthshaker, Nyx

Supports with Secondary or Unreliable Stuns:

Leshrac, Lina, Kunkka, Visage (familiars), Witch Doctor, Mirana, Alchemist, Jakiro, Gyro, Enigma, Ancient Apparition

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