Friday, August 22, 2014

Team Ideas: DoT Ultimates

Based on the list of DoT ultimates, here are some team ideas:

Heroes that group and/or AOE hold/slow:
Wraith King, Magnus, Enigma, Treant, Dark Seer

Team Ideas:
Mid:  Magnus
Tri-Lane (aggro):  Sand King + Disruptor + Undying
Safe Lane:  Gyrocopter

Mid:  Invoker
Solo (offlane): Elder Titan

Safe Lane:  Doom + Lich
Jungle:  Enigma

Mid:  Kunkka
Solo (offlane):  Dark Seer

Safe Lane: Anti-Mage + Treant + Jakiro

Mid:  Leshrac
Offlane:  Treant

Safe Lane:  Sand King + Gyro
Jungle:  Doom

Mid:  Kunkka
Solo (offlane):  Lich

Safe Lane: Naga + Warlock
Jungle: Enigma

Mid:  Warlock
Solo (offlane):  Elder Titan
Safe Lane:  Gyro + Venomancer
Jungle:  Enigma

Mid: Leshrac
Solo Offlane:  Elder Titan
Safe:  Kunkka + Gyro + Treant

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