Monday, August 18, 2014

Drafting Practice: Day Nine

Draft #1:
I'm Dire

Quick Analysis:
Mid - Even.  Dmg steal vs. Orb harass, neither has an escape vs. ganks.
Bottom - Somewhat even.  Weaver can harass more easily, but is a lot more fragile.  Both have escapes vs. ganks.
Top - Jugg gets destroyed by solo drow, unless Drow is stupid.  His roaming supports, however, could force my supports to avoid roaming to ensure Drow survives.

Draft #2:
I'm Dire.

Draft advantage: probably none.  If Weaver in Chrono, he's dead.  His team has split push, but I have Nyx and Clinkz to gank the split-pushers (Clinkz typically builds Orchid, too).

Teamfights are probably even, and rely on ultimates on both sides (Brew split vs. Chrono, Death Ward, and Global Silence).

Anti-push is low on Dire side.  No good anti-push abilities to counter NP or Jakiro.  Relies on ganks or big teamfights to counter split push.

Draft #3:
I'm Radiant Side.

Once again, I first-pick Void, and he also gives me Witch Doctor.  However, he has a good balance of push, split-push, gank and teamfight with his picks.

Success probably depends on my massive amount of push or split-push, plus ganking with Nyx, versus his Timbersaw and/or Venge roaming.

He can also pressure between Chronosphere cooldowns.  My Void would probably have to get an easier Agh's to compensate, which would delay his damage items.

He can't really L1 Roshan with his lineup, but he can probably do it at level 6 no problem, especially from Dire side.

Conclusion:  I should probably have picked a support with more anti-push than WD, probably Jakiro.  Nyx wasn't a bad choice, but picking BOTH NP and Tinker probably was, since neither have good teamfight.

Draft #4:
I'm Dire Side.

Quick Analysis:  I think lanes could be even, but he has the advantage with Batrider once he has Blink + Force Staff.  There's really not much I can do against Batrider initiation + Global Silence.  Basically, he gets an auto-pickoff, and turns it into a 5v4.

I have tanky cores (on purpose), and I have more push with Serpent Wards, Dragonform, and Infernal, but several of his heroes are more mobile, and he also has good initiation with both Bat and Earthshaker.

This draft, once again, depends greatly on the laning stage, and my roaming supports (or aggressive tri-lane, if I choose to do that).  However, his solo laners both have escapes, whereas mine don't.  A well-placed Fissure could easily result in Viper's death, even if I backed him up with my supports.

I think mid would go better than expected if the Warlock player was smart and bought a Magic Stick, and used Fatal Bonds to harass.  However, Bat could solo-kill the Warlock at level 6, whereas Warlock probably couldn't catch Batrider to do the same (even with Golem).  Also, Warlock is more easily gankable, especially if he pushes the lane out with Fatal Bonds harass.

I think I have the slightly less-favourable draft.

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