Sunday, August 10, 2014

Team Idea: The Wraith King Sucker Punch

Dec 5, 2014 - Author's Note:  This post has gotten a lot of traffic, so I've added a few details recently.

Wraith King can be horribly abused for his ult, just as a means to slow the whole team and make them use abilities on him.

So... here's an idea (untested):

Using a support WK, push WK in by himself – rest of team waits nearby.  Opponents kill WK and are slowed when he resurrects.

Normally, it's tough to get opponents to focus WK in a fight, because they know that he'll just come right back.

Followup with a Blink-initiator (Dark Seer, Sand King, Earthshaker, Magnus, Enigma, etc), plus some followup area-damage (Invoker, Gyro, Kunkka, Disruptor, etc).

One of the keys to this concept is to use heroes whose ults are usually harder to land, due to delays, such as Gyro's Calldown, Disruptor's Static Field, etc.  Not only do these ults inflict big damage, but they also further debuff (slow/silence) your enemies.

Alternately, use Batrider/Venge to jump one of the heroes, and let WK delay the enemy team.  If they DO kill him, they will be slower to respond or counter-initiate (slowed).  You must, of course, kill your target and go rescue WK before they kill him again!

You will see some teams give Wraith King the Aegis of the Immortal, simply because it's very difficult for anyone to hold back from using at least SOME abilities/cooldowns on Wraith King, when he's hitting your teammates in the face.  The more damage he can soak and still keep coming back, the more annoying he can be.

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