Friday, August 22, 2014

Drafting Practice: Day Twelve - Not the Same Old Combinations

All these drafts were against the same opponent - one with a sense of humour.  He also made me aware of the "cheesy" Spectre + Troll combo, which I wasn't aware of (Haunt, use Battle Rage, kill enemy supports or buildings).

Apparently "roaming two supports" is a thing now - lots of drafters seem to be doing it.  It usually involves drafting fairly lane-independent cores or semi-cores (Razor, Weaver, Invoker, Brewmaster, Timbersaw, Viper, Batrider), which allows you to roam supports instead of babysitting.  If you choose cores that come online early, your roaming should shut down any enemy "greedy" picks or junglers, and the game should be yours (in theory).  However, I found that running an aggro tri-lane could often shut down the opponent's ability to roam, and give some of your cores a much better chance, or at least a better start.

Draft #1
Me as Radiant

I could probably leave Slark alone in lane and roam my supports too, hopefully to shut down Kunkka hard.  My Silencer could easily fall to his roamers, although a Last Word against Skywrath would shut him down after the first cast if he wasn't already Level 3 with Silence of his own.  I'm pretty sure Silencer would be food, though.

I think the drafts are relatively even otherwise.

Draft #2
Me as Radiant

I think I win these lanes, but lose the draft.  Sven + Io would probably have a rough time with Clockwerk burning away their mana, and Clock would even be able to get CS, and would out-level his lane opponents.

PA is a good carry, but probably wouldn't lane all that well vs. DK.  Once DK hit L6, he'd probably be able to push the tower (opponent has very little anti-push).

Disruptor was my direct counter-pick to Wisp, who might otherwise be able to bring in Sven (or even PA) for some ganks on Invoker.

My Skywrath pick was by reflex, already having grabbed Clockwerk (Cogs + Mystic Flare = good).  However, I was trying to stay with tankier targets so I wouldn't fall to PA crits or Io ganks as easily.  I think Skywrath was the wrong pick - I should have gone for more push, but I didn't know he was going to final-pick PA! Still, with my DK pick, I should have gone for a more push-oriented lineup, as DK peaks kinda early.

I think I lose this draft due to lack of push and being heavily out-carried.

Draft #3
Me as Dire

I think I lose this game - not enough carry, and not enough push vs. his anti-push.  His cores come online early enough to matter, and I've gimped my Warlock by tri-laning him (he'd be the farmer, but needs XP more).

While I have some sweet teamfight if I got a combo off, he also has good counter-initiation, and his cores are quite tanky.

Draft #4
Me as Radiant

Here's where the drafts started getting stranger.

I have a decent amount of push and counter-split push, but wasn't expecting the last-pick Phantom Lancer.  My aggro-trilane was well picked to shut down the Lancer, and my Weaver is slippery enough to split push a bit too, but a lot of the fights would come down to who initiated first:  his Bat or my Clock, and whether Exorcism > Ghost Ship, or who could Silence the enemy first, and pick/hit the right target(s).

I think this would be an interesting match.  Weaver would probably have to buy a Maelstrom to fight PL with, though.

Draft #5
Me as Dire

I first pick Razor, but then he picks Sky + Zeus.  I give him the finger and pick Pugna.  He immediately swears and says "gg".  He tries to save the draft, but I further screw him over by taking Silencer, and then I take Bounty Hunter to hunt his squishy supports, too.

Pretty sure I won this one pretty hard.  Pugna's ward would do WORK, not even counting Global Silence.

Draft #6
Me as Radiant

Although my team could probably Level 1 Rosh, I wouldn't risk it against a Puck, who could safely scout the pit with Orb.

His supports cannot roam without Brewmaster getting totally shut down, but Spectre would probably also need some help vs. Bristleback.  Mid matchup is even, possibly a little in Puck's favour.

He has some counter-push, but not sure how Spectre and Brew would do against tanky cores like Lycan and Bristle (who might both have to get MKBs to deal with Brew!).

I tried to pick tanky heroes after seeing the Spectre pick - there's nothing like Spectre wrecking your supports later in the game.  Mind you, the game might not even go that late, but if it does, at least I don't auto-lose my supports.

Draft #7
Me as Radiant

I am confused by the Wisp + Medusa first pick.  I suppose an Overpower + Split Shot, while your opponents are under Stone Gaze would be quite effective.

In reaction, I picked a heavy-push line-up, with more early-game emphasis.  Without a lot of stuns on the enemy team (only Venge, really), and no escapes (other than Nether Swap), Clinkz should be able to get some kills and snowball.   Meanwhile, I should be knocking towers down.

None of his lanes should win as shown, and although his roaming combo is very potent, but they can't be everywhere, and would probably be forced into a defensive tri-lane to save Medusa and her tower.

Draft #8
Me as Radiant

I like my draft okay, but it doesn't work against his line-up.   Juggernaut was a reflex pick after Veno, but it does little for my lineup.  My only saving grace is I can attempt a level 1 Rosh (buy TPs and/or use Smoke to get there in time and finish before the buzzer), and not finish with too low of health, thanks to Jugg's healing ward.    I'd be in pretty rough shape if I failed at the Rosh attempt, but I think I'd be in trouble anyway.

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