Friday, August 29, 2014

Team Ideas around Medusa

Medusa's Ult, Stone Gaze, is basically area lockdown with a physical dmg boost and a magical resist increase.

My feeling is that this tactic is something to take advantage of while few players are all that familiar with how Medusa's ult works.

From the List of Physical Damage Hero Abilities, we get the following teams:

Safelane Carry = Medusa
Safelane Support = Vengeful Spirit
Roaming Support = Slardar
Offlane Solo = Beastmaster
Mid = Death Prophet
Possible Bans:  Omniknight, Dark Seer, Tinker, NP, Lycan

Safelane Carry = Medusa
Safelane Support = Witch Doctor
Secondary Support = Undying
Offlane Solo = Beastmaster
Mid = Troll Warlord
Possible Bans: Batrider, NP, Lycan, Faceless Void, Omniknight

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