Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Drafting Practice: Day Three, Part Three - Noobing and Not Noobing

... ok, so it was a slow day.  If you're still reading, I hope you're learning something, at least.

These drafts were against a different opponent, and I feel I got the better of him, mostly.

Draft #7:  Me as Radiant

I feel like my lanes are solid enough to roam 2 supports - Dark Seer will do fine against 2 melee heroes, and even if he gets zoned out of XP range, he'll get some farm and will even cause some issues with Ion Shell to the enemy melee carry (Ember Spirit, I'm assuming).

Razor can handle Bristleback, simply by stealing his damage, and may even kill him.  This, of course, could go either way - if Razor gets low and too far from his tower, he could also be food for Bristleback.  However, since I can afford to roam supports and my opponent's supports will need XP before they become really dangerous, I think I have the upper hand, here.

He doesn't have anti-push (except Tinker), and if Tinker's doing that, he can't split-push.  Wall of Replica would be very effective against his melee carries, and DP's silence could really hurt Ember Spirit especially.

Bah, I dunno.  I'd love to play this one out. 

Draft #8:  Radiant is me

The idea behind this draft was to keep Lycan safe, while creating situations where I could lock down enemies to kill them, while also not really caring about Doom.  The most effective target for Doom is probably Disruptor, but then Doom is going to get ripped apart by the rest of my heroes.

My combo is ET Stomp into Kinetic Field + Static Storm into ET Earthsplitter, with Axe putting out a Call on one of the enemy heroes (probably Tinker or SS), while Viper goes to town on them, and Lycan meanwhile tearing up the enemy back lines (Enchantress).

However.... I lose this game because of lack of push and anti-push.  Granted, I could get some items to help me (Necrobook, Maelstrom, etc), and my lanes seem strong or at least stable, and Axe + Disruptor make for great "cage matches" against enemy supports (heck, ANY of his heroes), but except for Lycan, I gots little push.  Yeah, yeah - Axe can spin to win, and demolish creep waves, but he shouldn't be standing in them when the enemy is coming on top of him.

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