Sunday, August 10, 2014

Team Ideas: Physical Spell Combos


Note that these teams are nearly impossible to draft - they use high-ban/pick heroes, and most of the time the opponent is going to see what you're doing and ban an appropriate hero.

However, in pubs, feel free to lolz.

Team Combos:  Physical damage “spells”:

Team #1:  

Medusa Stone Gaze + WD Death Ward + Death Prophet Exorcism + Dazzle Weave + Faceless Void Chrono

Medusa + WD + Dazzle
DP mid
Faceless solo offlane

Team #2:
Troll + Dazzle + Shadow Shaman (or someone else with lockdown)
SFiend mid
Elder Titan solo offlane

Team #3:
Troll mid
Medusa safe solo
Aggro tri:  Juggernaut, Treant, Witch Doctor

Team #4:
DP mid
Magnus solo offlane
Ember + Dazzle + Shadow Shaman/Veno

Team #5:
DP mid
Medusa + WD + Venge
Undying solo offlane

Team #6:
Alchemist + Elder Titan + Dazzle
Magnus offlane (for setup RP + Empower)

Ember Spirit (or Death Prophet) mid

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