Thursday, August 21, 2014

Team Idea: All Initiators

Please keep in mind that most of these team ideas are for Lolz - I don't recommend them in serious, competitive, play.

Team ideas:  all initiators

Sfiend mid (shadowblade)
Tiny + Sandking + Warlock safelane
Tide/Centaur/Clockwerk offlane

Storm Spirit / Puck mid
Centaur solo offlane
Axe + Shadow Shaman + Disruptor agro tri

Initiator Carries:
Silencer?   Doom?  Spectre?  Faceless Void?  Ember Spirit?  Naga?  Slardar, Tiny, Ursa, Huskar
Initiator Mids:
QoP, Puck, Magnus, Invoker,  Storm Spirit, Silencer? Ember spirit, Huskar,

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