Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Build: Sven (aggressive laning carry)

Sven 6.81 build (carry; be aggressive in lane!)

Here's a Sven build for 6.81.  In general, you want to be in a dual lane, or tri-lane vs. tri-lane.  If you have a safe trilane, you don't need the Shield (take Quelling instead, or save for earlier Treads).

I'm a big fan of Blink Dagger on melee carries that have stuns.   It's WAY too easy to get kited otherwise, and often it's easy to get pulled out of position while trying to chase someone down so you can hit them, even with Warcry.

Start:  Tangos, Stout Shield, Healing Salve, Branch x 2
Early:  Power Treads, Ogre Club, TP
Core:  BKB, Blink Dagger
Core Ext:  Crystalis, Basher, HoD
Luxury:  Abyssal Blade, Deadalus, Heart, Satanic, BoT
Situational:  MKB, AC, Halberd

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